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[PHOTO] Three photos taken from around Broadview and Danforth in late evening

Looking south, Broadview at Danforth #toronto #thedanforth #broadviewave #danforthavenue #blue #evening #sky #wires

Looking east, Danforth at Broadview #toronto #thedanforth #broadviewave #danforthavenue #blue #evening #sky #wires

Looking west, Danforth #toronto #thedanforth #danforthavenue #evening #sunset #skylinec

Written by Randy McDonald

September 29, 2019 at 11:00 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: fall, Danforth church, 51 Metcalfe, No Name, Toronto Zoo

  • blogTO notes that this fall in Toronto is likely to see erratic temperature swings.
  • This sign on the lawn of a church on the Danforth warning off trespassers might have a defensible rationale, but it still seems off to me. The Toronto Star reports.
  • This rental at 51 Metcalfe Street does seem sad to me. blogTO describes it.
  • I rather like this No Name mural. blogTO shows it.
  • As argued here at the Toronto Star, the Toronto Zoo probably should also be understood as one of the key elements of Scarborough.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: skiing, skating, Scarborough, UP Express and Presto, homelessness

  • I am glad that the new snowfall has made the ode of Shawn Micallef in the Toronto Star last week to the joys of skiing in Toronto relevant again.
  • Urban Toronto reports on the new Rink Social initiative being promoted at community ice rinks across Toronto, to encourage skating and community city-wide.
  • blogTO notes a perhaps unattractive home in Scarborough, at Danforth and Warden, that literally has a TTC stop outside its door.
  • Ben Spurr at the Toronto Star notes how the efforts of a Mount Dennis man to commute downtown on the UP Express were complicated by the confusions of Presto.
  • At NOW Toronto, outreach worker Greg Cook calls for a better approach to homelessness, one that (for instance) acknowledges the prohibitive costs of housing for too many in Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Metrolinx map, carding, Ontario Place, HIVE, density

  • Metrolinx shares a glorious map depicting traffic and trends at the different stops on its many routes.
  • NOW Toronto notes how Doug Ford may yet enable carding-like practices by police.
  • The criticism by an Ontario government minister of the state of Ontario Place is worrisome. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Urban Toronto shares a photo of the construction at the vast Hive site downtown.
  • George Popper at Spacing Toronto looks at three neighbourhoods where housing in Toronto can really densify indeed must densify, including the Bloor-Danforth corridor.

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

  • Bad Astronomer notes the possibility that red dwarf exoplanets might, as AU Microscopii suggests, be made deserts. Centauri Dreams also examines the possibility that red dwarf exoplanets might be starved of volatiles.
  • The Crux notes the extent to which the formation of our solar system was marked by chaos, planets careening about, looking at other planetary systems for guidance.
  • D-Brief takes a look at the latest from the endangered Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica.
  • Joe. My. God. notes that, in the home of the Danforth shooter in Toronto, DVDs from Alex Jones’ Infowars were found along with more guns and ammunition.
  • JSTOR Daily links to a paper suggesting that organic agriculture contributes to a greater extent to climate change than regular agricultural systems.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money takes a look at the evolution of the Chinese air force.
  • Jason Davis at the Planetary Society Blog notes that the Hayabusa2 probe is looking for touchdown sites on asteroid Ryugu for sampling.
  • Roads and Kingdoms considers the humble sabich of Tel Aviv.
  • Drew Rowsome reviews the Robert Leleux memoir The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy.
  • Strange Company shares an old news clipping reporting on the murderous ghost that, in 1914, seems to have haunted the Croguennec family of Brittany.
  • Window on Eurasia looks at the prospects for a hypothetical future Belarusian Orthodox Church.
  • At Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, Nick Rowe takes a look at the relationship between inflation and the debt/GDP ratio.
  • Arnold Zwicky looks at the picturesque community of Mollis, in mountainous central Switzerland.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Superlinx, Dean Lisowick, environment, Danforth, #infinityago

  • Steve Munro takes a critical look at the idea of an uploading of southern Ontario mass transit to a broader regional board, a Superlinx.
  • The Toronto Star reports on the funeral ceremony given to Dean Lisowick, victim of the Church and Wellesley serial killer.
  • Toronto’s ravine system and its inner harbor are on the verge of ecological collapse, with invading species of plant and animal life taking over. The Toronto Star reports.
  • blogTO shares photos of what Danforth Avenue looked like in Toronto, starting before its big 20th century boom.
  • The Art Gallery of Ontario already has a page up of its crowdfunding effort to buy one of the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror rooms, here.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: violence, mass media, Vegandale, fentanyl, Twitter, Silver Dollar

  • This story about the assault of a photographer for the Toronto Sun by protesters highlights something alarming. The Toronto Star reports.
  • NOW Toronto highlights the role played by the Toronto Sun in putting forth an alt-right-tinged view of the Danforth shooting.
  • Natalia Manzucco at NOW Toronto looks at the continuing issues, economic and otherwise, surrounding “Vegandale”.
  • Fentanyl is killing people in Toronto, including teenagers. Toronto Life reports.
  • The Toronto Public Library is inviting people on Twitter to collaborate in writing a book. Global News reports.
  • Will the Silver Dollar Room return, in any form? The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: #DanforthStrong, #topoli, Jennifer Keesmaat, Province of Toronto

  • Jamie Bradburn wrote earlier this week about a stroll he and his took down the Danforth.
  • Edward Keenan is entirely right to note that Ford’s slashing of city council’s size is all but a declaration of war by his government against Toronto. The Toronto Star has it.
  • Toronto MP Adam Vaughan has stated openly that, if need be, the federal government will bypass Ontario in working with Toronto. Global News reports.
  • Widely-respected former Toronto city planner Jennifer Keesmaat is running as mayor in the upcoming election. I’m inclined to vote for her already. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The resurgence of talk of a separate Province of Toronto is unsurprising, but frankly I think the proposal fundamentally unworkable. blogTO reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: ward boundaries, affordable housing, Bremner, #TorontoStrong

  • Utterly changing the boundaries of Toronto’s wards through an unwanted amalgamation just before an election will create chaos. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Jennifer Pagliaro notes how the City of Toronto is considering changing its definition of “affordable housing” into something more realistic, over at the Toronto Star.
  • Urban Toronto contrasts two photos recently taken on Bremner Boulevard, in the heart of the South Core.
  • Steve Maich writes in MacLean’s about what tragedies, like the Danforth shooting, do and do not say about cities.
  • Enzo Dimatteo at NOW Toronto notes how the alt-right has been making use of the Danforth shooting.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Julianna Kozis, Danforth, black communities, weapons, politics

  • Julianna Kozis has been identified as the girl 10 years old killed in Sunday’s shooting. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Toronto Life shares a list of twenty of the top attractions along the Danforth.
  • NOW Toronto reports the concerns of community groups that the response to gun violence will further marginalize black communities, too much emphasis being placed on enforcement and not enough on supporting marginalized communities.
  • Toronto City Council has just voted, by 41-4, to ban the sale of handguns and ammunition within city limits. Narcity reports.
  • David Rider notes that John Tory wants the Ontario government to change the municipal government of Toronto, to give the mayor more powers, in a response to (among other things) gun violence. THe Toronto Star has it.