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[PHOTO] East on Geary at Dufferin, Toronto

East on Geary at Dufferin #toronto #davenport #night #gearyave #dufferinstreet//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Standing on Geary Avenue just east of Dufferin Street, this one of Toronto’s newest hip streets looks perfectly ordinary and quietly miraculous under the line of street lights.


Written by Randy McDonald

August 10, 2017 at 7:00 am

[PHOTO] Nine photos from the Geary Ave. Flea (#gearyaveflea)

Some likes I received on year-old photos on Instagram tagged with Toronto’s Geary Avenue, a west-east street that lies literally on the other side of the tracks from my home on Dupont, alerted me to the Geary Ave. Flea. This flea market event, held at and around the corner of Geary and Westmoreland Avenue, is a monthly event, today’s being the second of four scheduled for the summmer, on the last Sunday of each month.

What did I think of the Geary Ave. Flea? I enjoyed it. There’s a nice mix of local businesspeople and shopkeepers advertising their goods, people trying to sell bricabrac in good shape, and even a mix of food and drink vendors. It’s a nice addition to the neighbourhood. I just wish there were more iterations scheduled for this summer.

Entering the Geary Ave. Flea off Westmoreland


5 records for $20

Jerseys and hats for sale

Flowers arranged

Things to drink

On Westmoreland

Looking back

Sign on Dovercourt

Written by Randy McDonald

July 30, 2017 at 10:15 pm

[PHOTO] Shrine among the flowers in late evening, St. Mary of the Angels, Dufferin and Davenport

Shrine among the flowers in late evening

I was walking south on Dufferin Street towards St. Mary of the Angels, a Roman Catholic Church on the southeast corner of Davenport Road and Dufferin in Davenport, when I saw this shrine and these flowers.

Written by Randy McDonald

June 16, 2017 at 6:30 am

[URBAN NOTE] “Beyond ­Galleria Mall”

NOW Toronto‘s Joshua Sherman tells the story of a Jane’s Walk organized by Shari Kasman around the parking lots of Dufferin and Dupont.

“Thanks for coming to this beautiful parking lot on this beautiful, sunny day in Toronto.”

Shari Kasman is speaking into a red-and-white megaphone. And it’s not sunny at all. It’s a drizzly May 6 Saturday afternoon outside the Galleria Mall at Dufferin and Dupont.

Kasman, a local artist and author, is starting her latest guided tour, Parking Lots & Parking Spots: Galleria Mall & Beyond. It’s one of nearly 180 that took place last weekend in Toronto as part of the annual Jane’s Walk festival, named for the late urban activist Jane Jacobs.

While other local Jane’s Walks explore the historic aspects of the city, this tour is dedicated to the unglamorous and utilitarian: where Torontonians in a small pocket of the west end park “from the perspective of a non-expert,” Kasman tells NOW ahead of the event, making it clear this tour is no joke.

She may not be a parking authority, but Kasman, who already has two other Galleria-based Jane’s Walks under her belt, has been busy reading up on the subject for the past few weeks.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 16, 2017 at 8:15 pm

[PHOTO] Tower in the night, north towards Davenport

Tower in the night, north towards Davenport

The signals tower on the rail line to the north of my home was just barely perceptible, late last night, against the bright clouds.

Written by Randy McDonald

March 6, 2017 at 11:30 am

[PHOTO] Seen over the tracks, Bartlett Avenue

Seen over the tracks #toronto #dovercourtvillage #dupontstreet #bartlettavenue #night

I think this nighttime photo worked out pretty well.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 29, 2016 at 10:35 am

[URBAN NOTE] “Geary Avenue is still Toronto’s most interesting street”

blogTO’s Derek Flack reports about the latest developments of my neighbourhood’s Geary Avenue.

Geary Avenue TorontoOne of West Queen West’s most iconic landmarks in the late 2000s was Thrush Holmes’ neon-adorned gallery and studio space. Located just west of Dovercourt Rd. beside what would become the sales office for the Bohemian Embassy, it was a symbol of a neighbourhood defined by a creative spirit that had emerged from its industrial past.

When Holmes relocated in 2011 after five years, the character of the street and surrounding neighbourhood had changed immensely. The arts hub that was 48 Abell was gone, the Mercer Union moved north to Bloor, and the area had become the city’s hallmark of hip living, complete with a roster of new condos and bars.

This isn’t a sad story. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. Toronto needs place likes the West Queen West we have today, but it also needs areas that will serve as breeding grounds for artistic endeavours, new ideas, and cultural experimentation. For now, the city still has such places in steady supply.

Where did Thrush Holmes go when he left West Queen West?

Geary Avenue, of course. That strange hybrid of a street where you’re just as likely to find an auto body shop as you are a jam space, a brewery, an architecture firm, or an artist studio. In a city that’s growing as rapidly as Toronto, it’s places like Geary where you might take our cultural temperature.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 9, 2016 at 7:15 pm