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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links

  • Urban Toronto looked at indigenous uses being proposed for the West Don Lands, here.
  • That Toronto has become a major hub for Shopify is a significant economic factor. Global News reports.
  • There will be an emergency exercise held at Union Station. Global News reports.
  • Transit Toronto notes the opening of a new York Regional Transit bus hub at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.
  • Transit Toronto shared video of a recent TTC public art project, “A Streetcar Called Toronto”, here.
  • Venerable Toronto movie rental store Videoflicks will be closing. blogTO reports.
  • The Evergreen Brickworks in the Don Valley will be hosting a winter village this season. blogTO reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links

  • I do hope Toronto does something with the abandoned foot court on Queen West and John. blogTO reports.
  • blogTO looks at the new Villiers Island set to occupy the mouth of the Don River in the Port Lands.
  • An Ossington laneway is going to be repainted after a botched improvement project destroyed its public art. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Steve Munro fisks a defense by the Toronto Board of Trade of the proposed Ontario Line, here.
  • Andrew Cash, sadly not elected in my riding of Davenport, writes in the Toronto Star about the importance of Toronto having active local MPs.
  • National Observer looks at how the City of Toronto is encouraging residents grow gardens for pollinators.
  • Samantha Edwards writes at NOW Toronto about how the long-closed Paradise on Bloor theatre is set to reopen in December.

[VIDEO] Crossing the Bloor Viaduct, facing south

Written by Randy McDonald

September 29, 2019 at 10:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Galleria Mall, Ontario vs Toronto, Ontario Line, housing, theatre

  • Urban Toronto shares a detailed plan for the Galleria Mall redevelopment.
  • Jennifer Pagliaro at the Toronto Star shows how the Ontario government keeps undermining decisions made in Toronto, here.
  • Actually building the Ontario Line, beneath Fort York and the Don River, will be a very tricky affair. The Toronto Star reports.
  • This Toronto Star article describing how four young adults in their early 20s have to cram into a single apartment in order to live in Toronto is a terrible indictment of our housing policies.
  • Rick Salutin at Rabble celebrates the achievements of Toronto’s Theatre Passe Muraille.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: GO Transit, rent, land transfer tax, books, Viaduct

  • Transit Toronto notes that GO Transit has introduced regular weekday train service to Niagara Falls.
  • Average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto has hit $C 2260. blogTO reports.
  • Revenue from the much-needed land transfer tax that supplies City of Toronto budgets is below expectations, the Toronto Star reported.
  • NOW Toronto shares a list of the most-borrowed books from the Toronto Public Library system in 2018.
  • Spacing celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Prince Edward Viaduct, also known as the Bloor Street Viaduct, arcing across the Don River.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Art Shoppe, Quayside, Villiers Island, comic books, police

  • Urban Toronto shows a photo of the Art Shoppe at Yonge and Eglinton, seven years ago and now in the condo era.
  • Sidewalk Labs promises to provide a substantial amount of affordable housing at Quayside. The Toronto Star reports.
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  • blogTO takes< a look at Villiers Island, set to be constructed at the mouth of the Don.
  • Crowdfunding might yet deliver to Toronto a comic book library. blogTO reports.
  • Pride Toronto is undertaking a cross-country study looking at ways to improve police-LGBTQ relations. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Port Lands, High Park beer, #tunnelofglam, Toronto Pride, refugees

  • The project of building a new river valley in the Port Lands, at the mouth of the Don, is a breathtakingly bold vision. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The High Park Zoo will be getting its own brand of beer. (Will the capybaras feature? One hopes.) blogTO reports.
  • Toronto will be getting a sparkling tunnel at Yonge and St. Clair, Instagram-ready already with the hashtag #tunnelofglam picked out. blogTO reports.
  • Kristyn Wong-Tam writes at NOW Toronto about why now might be time for Toronto Pride, to ensure its independence and security from threats, to break free from restrictive funding sources.
  • Perhaps 40% of the people making use of Toronto shelters for the homeless are refugees or asylum claimants, a new report suggests. CBC reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory, 650 Parliament, St. Clair, Don Valley

  • Lauren Pelley at CBC Toronto notes how, despite trying hard, Jennifer Keesmaat was unable to displace John Tory as the clear front-runner.
  • Mark Gollom at CBC notes that John Tory may be able to find ways to work with Doug Ford, though the province will remain the dominant partner in any relationship.
  • Many of the tenants displaced from 650 Parliament Street were happy to return briefly to their old homes, to retrieve belongings. The Toronto Star reports.
  • blogTO shares these vintage photos of St. Clair Avenue a century ago, to all appearances just another rural road.
  • Urban Toronto shared a gorgeous aerial photo of Toronto, looking south from a point in the Don Valley towards the downtown.

[PHOTO] Three photos of Toronto seen exiting the city

Looking south down the Don #toronto #dundasstreetbridge #donvalleyparkway #donriver #dundasstreeteast

Towers in the sun past Todmorden Mills #toronto #donvalleyparkway #todmordenmills #playterestates #skyline #towers

Towers of Victoria Village at Eglinton #toronto #donvalleyparkway #eglintonavenue #victoriavillage #skyline #towers

[PHOTO] Looking southwest across Riverdale Park East, Broadview and Montcrest

Looking southwest across Riverdale Park East #toronto #night #skyline #cntower #riverdaleparkeast #broadviewave #montcrestblvd

Written by Randy McDonald

July 24, 2018 at 10:45 pm