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[URBAN NOTE} Seven Toronto links: Lake Ontario, UP Express, Rail Deck Park, Google, TTC, Doors Open

  • Reddit’s r/toronto shares this photo of the level of Lake Ontario having risen above the level of the boardwalk at HTO Park. Are we in for another year of flooding, on the Toronto Islands particularly?
  • This CBC Toronto article from a week ago notes how Lake Ontario is getting close to 2017 levels.
  • Changes in the Presto system have left many people who use the Union-Pearson Express to commute in a financially costly situation. CBC Toronto reports.
  • This court case, besides setting boundaries on what planning boards can and cannot do, will also determine the fate of the Rail Deck Park. I hope it will survive. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Stefanie Marotta at the Toronto Star reports on a Jane’s Walk led by MP Adam Vaughan and Bianca Wylie of the waterfront, inspired by their criticism of the Sidewalk Labs plans.
  • Shazlin Rahman writes at Spacing about the prejudices that push Muslim women away from the TTC, and what can be done to protect these women.
  • Urban Toronto shares the news of Open Doors 2019 in Toronto on 25 and 26 May, with more than 150 buildings being opened to the public.

[PHOTO] Four photos taken from the observation deck of the Canada Life Building

The observation deck of Toronto’s Canada Life Building provides a remarkable vantage point on downtown Toronto, even now in the era of skyscrapers and condo towers everywhere.

View west

View south (looking down)

View south (looking up)

View east

Written by Randy McDonald

June 2, 2017 at 8:00 am

[PHOTO] Photos from the Redpath Sugar Refinery during Doors Open Toronto

I’ve decided to start going through my backlog of photos. To this end, I’ve finally set about to using my photos of the Redpath Sugar Refinery on 95 Queens Quay East, taken during Doors Open this year. Head office of Redpath Sugar Ltd, this facility is one of the few manufacturing plants left in Toronto, never mind on the Toronto waterfront. As Torontoist noted last year, only complaints from the growing condo communities surrounding Redpath are likely to displace this immense plant.

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 2 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 4 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 5 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 6 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 7 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Redpath Sugar Refinery, 8 #toronto #doorsopen #redpath #redpathsugar #torontoharbour #sugar #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

October 21, 2015 at 5:57 pm

[PHOTO] Photos of the TTC’s Greenwood subway yards, Doors Open

The TTC’s announcement that the Greenwood Subway Yard would be open for Doors Open excited me. I’d seen that vast complex from the street before, huge tarpaper-topped buildings stretching out in a pit below street level, but never saw inside.

What was it like? Something like this.

Greenwood yard, 1 #toronto #greenwood #greenwoodyard #doorsopentoronto #ttc

Greenwood yard, 2 #toronto #greenwoodyard #greenwood #ttc #doorsopentoronto

Greenwood yard, 3 #toronto #greenwoodyard #greenwood #ttc #doorsopentoronto #electronics

Greenwood yard, 5 #toronto #greenwoodyard #greenwood #ttc #doorsopentoronto

Greenwood yards, 4 #toronto #ttc #greenwoodyard #greenwood #doorsopentoronto

Greenwood yard, 6 #toronto #ttc #doorsopentoronto #greenwoodyard #greenwood

Greenwood yards, 7 #toronto #ttc #doorsopentoronto #greenwood #greenwoodyard

Greenwood yards, 8 #toronto #ttc #doorsopentoronto #greenwoodyard #greenwood

Written by Randy McDonald

June 12, 2015 at 2:30 pm

[PHOTO] Inside the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres

I’ve been saving these photos of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres, a pair of stacked theatres dating from the early 20th century on Yonge north of Queen visited on the occasion of Doors Open, for posting on the first day of the Toronto Fringe Festival.

The Elgin Theatre is a conventional enough lower theatre, designed for movies and vaudeville. The Winter Garden, located above, was designed as an atmospheric “country garden under the stars”, and was abandoned for most of the 20th century.

The Winter Garden in particular was dark, making photography difficult. I only hope I responded adequately to the task.

Entering the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres

Inside the Elgin Theatre, all seemed golden.

Inside the Elgin Theatre (1)

Inside the Elgin Theatre (2)

Inside the Elgin Theatre (3)

Inside the Elgin Theatre (4)

Inside the Winter Garden Theatre, all was twilight.

Inside the Winter Garden Theatre (1)

Inside the Winter Garden Theatre (2)

Inside the Winter Garden Theatre (3)

Inside the Winter Garden Theatre (4)

The golden facades still shine under the flash.

Leaving the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres

[PHOTO] Comic Sans for the Lieutenant Governor, Ontario Legislative Building

Comic Sans for the Lieutenant-Governor, Ontario Legislative Building

While visiting the Ontario Legislative Building for Doors Open on Sunday with a friend, said friend noticed that the document announcing the most recent appointment to the office of Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, David Onley, was written in the font Comic Sans.

I don’t get the hatred of this font, the sort recounted in this BBC article. I think it a pleasant and mildly goofy font, quite suitable for friendly or informal occasions. It’s just that I certainly didn’t think it suitable for an official document like this one!