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[PHOTO] Model railroad, Mint Dentistry, 3084 Dundas Street West

The outpost of Mint Dentistry on 3084 Dundas Street West in The Junction had–has still, I hope–a lovely model railroad on display in its front window.

Miniature railroad (1) #toronto #thejunction #dundasstreetwest #mintdentistry #modelrailroad #miniaturerailway #model #village #latergram

Miniature railroad (2) #toronto #thejunction #dundasstreetwest #mintdentistry #modelrailroad #miniaturerailway #model #village #latergram

Miniature railroad (3) #toronto #thejunction #dundasstreetwest #mintdentistry #modelrailroad #miniaturerailway #model #village #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

November 26, 2019 at 1:45 pm

[PHOTO] Five photos of vintage calculators and Commodores, Z&Z Accounting (#thejunction)

I was passing by with Jim through the Junction on Dundas West one recent night when we came across the storefront location of Z & Z Accounting and Income Tax Services, at 3102 Dundas Street West. There, they had on display vintage machines of the sort that earlier generations of accountants would have used, including mechanical calculators and some vintage Commodore computers. (The C64 was not there, but the PET and VIC-20 were.)

Old Commodores #toronto #dundasstreetwest #thejunction #commodore #commodorepet #commodorevic20 #latergram

Old accounting machines #toronto #dundasstreetwest #thejunction #accounting #calculators #latergram

Old accounting machines (2) #toronto #dundasstreetwest #thejunction #accounting #calculators #latergram

Old Commodore PET #toronto #dundasstreetwest #thejunction #commodore #commodorepet #personalcomputer #latergram

Old Commodore VIC-20 #toronto #dundasstreetwest #thejunction #commodore #commodorevic20 #personalcomputer #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

November 26, 2019 at 10:00 am

[PHOTO] Map of west Toronto, 1868

This map, displayed at the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden parkette in the west-end neighbourhood of Roncesvalles, depicts territory that was–one year after the formation of Canada–still substantially rural. The map clearly shows the great arc of Dundas Street West as it curves north, avoiding what were then swamps and other lowlands and now substantially High Park, as well as the shallower curve of east-west artery Davenport Road to the northeast along the base of the escarpment marking the shoreline of the Ice Age’s Glacial Lake Iroquois.

These territories have all been transformed radically, densely urbanized and booming. Even the Humber River that was once a boundary has become an internal waterway of the City of Toronto, Etobicoke on the western side being part of the legal city.

Map of west Toronto, 1868 #toronto #roncesvalles #roncesvallesave #dundasstreetwest #map #peacegarden #dundasroncesvallespeacegarden

Written by Randy McDonald

November 12, 2019 at 11:45 am

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto notes

  • Matt Gurney wonders if the losses of votes for the Conservatives in the Greater Toronto Area will doom Andrew Scheer, over at the National Post.
  • Jamie Bradburn took a look at the opening of the Ontario Science Centre, here.
  • Spacing shares an argument for density transition zones in Toronto, here.
  • The Village Idiot Pub in Toronto, across Dundas from the AGO, will rebrand itself the Village Genius. Global News reports.
  • Queen and Coxwell will soon host some new affordable housing. Global News reports.
  • The closure of a flea market on Old Weston road, a year after a tragic shooting, is a shame. The Toronto Star
  • I am going to see at least some of the works in this year’s Toronto Biennial. NOW Toronto reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: HTO Beach, street art, transit, Draper Street, real estate

  • Toronto’s HTO Park, a fake beach on the waterfront of Queens Quay, has been flooded out by Lake Ontario, too. blogTO reports.
  • This open-air street art museum around Dundas West is an ingenious idea. blogTO reports.
  • David Hains at Spacing explains how the TTC plans for major sports events, like the recent Raptors series.
  • One house in Corso Italia has just gone on the real estate market for the first time since 1919. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The row of vintage homes on Draper Street and its recently passed keeper are memorialized nicely here. The Toronto Star reports.

[PHOTO] Eastern evening sky with feathered clouds

Eastern evening sky with feathered clouds #toronto #dundaswest #blue #evening #sky #white #cirrus #clouds

Written by Randy McDonald

June 10, 2019 at 10:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: D-Day, pot shops, YouTube, Toronto Dance Theatre, Crossways

  • Jamie Bradburn looks at how, 75 years ago, the media of Toronto responded to D-Day.
  • Illegal marijuana shops in Toronto are being literally closed to the public, by the city putting large concrete blocks in their front doorways. blogTO reports.
  • YouTube shutting down its space for creators in Toronto is not good news for aspiring local video stars. blogTO reports.
  • Christopher House, long-time director of the Toronto Dance Theatre, is leaving his position. NOW Toronto reports.
  • Amy Carlberg writes at blogTO about how the Crossways, the giant brutalist apartment towers at Dundas and Bloor, are becoming trendy, with a line of merchandise and the hashtag #crosswayswednesdays on Instagram.