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[PHOTO] Looking up at The Crossways

Looking up at The Crossways #toronto #dundaswest #thecrossways #tower

Written by Randy McDonald

August 31, 2020 at 7:00 pm

[PHOTO] Looking west towards High Park North across Dundas West from the Crossways

Looking west towards High Park North across Dundas West from the Crossways #toronto #skyline #highparknorth #dundaswest #dundasstreetwest #thecrossways #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

March 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Torontoist, Dundas West/Bloor, McArthur, schools, TTC

  • Veteran Toronto online news hub Torontoist, silent for the past few months, has been acquired by Canadian combine Daily Hive. I wish Torontoist will; I miss it.
  • A tunnel connecting the Dundas West TTC station with the Bloor UP station, a few hundred metres apart, is in the works but is still some years away. Toronto.com reports.
  • A police officer who has been charged with negligence with regards to a 2016 claim of an assault by Bruce McArthur claims he is being made a fall guy. The Toronto Star has it.
  • CBC Toronto looks at the low attendance at the Africentric Alternative School, despite the high praise it receives.
  • At The Globe and Mail, former mayor John Sewell notes that the lack of consent of the City of Toronto to the takeover of the TTC by Ontario has some legal import.

[PHOTO] Three photos from the Wallace Avenue Bridge on a foggy evening

Last night I was walking west on the Wallace Avenue footbridge, at around 11 o’clock, when I took note of the warm glowing fog underneath. A Union-Pearson Express car passed under me between the second and third photos, and is still visible in the third.

Yellow and red lights in fog #toronto #wallacepedestrianbridge #junctiontriangle #skyline #night #fog #thecrossways #dundaswest #rail #red #yellow

Red and green lights in fog #toronto #wallacepedestrianbridge #junctiontriangle #skyline #night #fog #thecrossways #dundaswest #rail #red #green

UP Express passing #toronto #wallacepedestrianbridge #junctiontriangle #skyline #night #fog #thecrossways #dundaswest #rail #red #upexpress

Written by Randy McDonald

February 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: Bloor and Dundas, Green Room, archeology park, Hearn

  • The scale of the changes impending for Bloor and Dundas is, literally, immense. blogTO reports.
  • Alas, the venerable Green Room hidden behind Bloor and Brunswick is set to leave its abode. blogTO reports.
  • I love this proposal at Spacing by Michael McClelland for an archeology park in storied downtown Toronto.
  • I agree with Simon Bredin at Torontoist that it would be a shame for Torontonians to losing public access to the Hearn Generating Station.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: street art, journalism, police, Cheri DiNovo, transit at Dundas West

  • CBC notes that the Yonge and Dundas street artist scene is closing down under city regulations, including permits.
  • Emily Mathieu talks about how she conducts her journalism with some of Toronto’s most marginalized as subjects.
  • The Globe and Mail notes the local controversy over having police officers permanently stationed in schools.
  • The idea that police who actively undermine the Special Investigations Unit should be seriously punished seems obvious.
  • Veteran NDP politican and LGBTQ rights advocate Cheri DiNovo is leaving politics to become a minister in church.
  • Finally, the Dundas West TTC station will be connected to the GO Transit hub less than 300 metres away!

[PHOTO] Green leaves turned golden, Dundas West

Green leaves turned golden #toronto #dundaswest #dundasstreetwest #trees #leaves #green #golden

I took the long way home last evening, taking the subway west of my stop as far as Dundas West and then walking east to home. On my way, still on Dundas West, I came across this tree, with fresh green leaves turned golden by the ambient light. Taking a photograph of this was an obligation for me.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 16, 2017 at 1:48 pm