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[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

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  • Bloomberg notes concerns over Northern Ireland’s frontiers, looks at how Japanese retailers are hoping to take advantage of Vietnam’s young consumers, examines the desperation of Venezuelans shopping in Colombia, looks at Sri Lankan interest in Chinese investment, suggests oil prices need to stay below 40 dollars US a barrel for Russia to reform, observes that Chinese companies are increasingly reluctant to invest, and suggests Frankfurt will gain after Brexit.
  • Bloomberg View gives advice for the post-Brexit British economy, looks at how Chinese patterns in migration are harming young Chinese, suggests Hillary should follow Russian-Americans in not making much of Putin’s interference, and looks at the Israeli culture wars.
  • CBC considers the decolonization of placenames in the Northwest Territories, notes Canada’s deployment to Latvia was prompted by French domestic security concerns, and looks at an ad promoting the Albertan oil sands that went badly wrong in trying to be anti-homophobic.
  • The Inter Press Service considers the future of Turkey and looks at domestic slavery in Oman.
  • MacLean’s looks at China’s nail house owners, resisting development.
  • The National Post reports from the Colombia-Venezuela border.
  • Open Democracy considers the nature of work culture in the austerity-era United Kingdom, looks at traditions of migration and slavery in northern Ghana, examines European bigotry against eastern Europeans, and examines the plight of sub-Saharan migrants stuck in Morocco.
  • Universe Today notes two nearby potentially habitable rocky worlds, reports that the Moon’s Mare Imbrium may have been result of a hit by a dwarf planet, and reports on Ceres’ lack of large craters.

[BLOG] Some politics links

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  • Kieran Healy notes the role of social media in undermining the Turkish coup.
  • Joe. My. God. notes US Army Secretary Eric Fanning’s ride as Grand Marshal in the San Diego pride parade.
  • The LRB Blog notes the aftermath of the Orange Order’s fires in Northern Ireland.
  • Marginal Revolution looks at what might be a veto in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Brexit, and notes the continuing economic fallout.
  • The NYRB Daily looks at how ISIS thrives on chaos.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer reflects on the Turkish coup and notes Trump’s odd Russophilia.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy considers if it is ever justifiable to overthrow a democratic government.
  • Window on Eurasia looks at instability in the Donbas, suggests Turkey is distracting people from Russia, looks at low levels of Russophone assimilation in Estonia, considers ideological struggles in Belarus, and looks at immigration restrictionism in Russia versus Central Asia.

[URBAN NOTE] “Cyclists ride to support Torontonians with HIV/AIDS in the Friends for Life Bike Rally”

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The City Centre Mirror reports on this year’s iteration of the Friends for Life bike rally. This is a noble cause, indeed.

An extended heat alert Sunday didn’t dissuade a few hundred cyclists from hopping on their bikes to Montreal to raise money for Torontonians living with HIV/AIDS.

Toronto People with AIDS Foundation’s (PWA) Friends for Life Bike Rally left Allan Gardens July 24 for a one-day, 108-kilometre ride to Port Hope. Some cyclists will pedal 600 kilometres in six days to arrive in Montreal July 29.

More than 300 riders and crew have cycled annually in the rally for the past 17 years, raising more than $14 million in sustainable funding for PWA.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 25, 2016 at 12:59 pm

[ISL] “Meet the Toronto gay couple challenging Bermuda’s marriage law”

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Daily Xtra’s Rob Salerno describes the Canadian-Bermudian couple who want to liberalize marriage law in Bermuda.

Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche just want to get married. Godwin’s homeland of Bermuda doesn’t recognize same-sex relationships, however, so the couple is taking the government to court from 1,800 km away in their current home, Toronto.

Godwin and DeRoche, who live together and have been dating for a year and a half, decided to get married while skipping rocks together on the beach in Bermuda on June 22, the night before the British territory held a referendum on same-sex marriage or civil unions. By a two-to-one margin, the country rejected both in the non-binding vote.

At the time, LGBT activists pledged to continue the fight for marriage rights through the court system. Godwin spotted an ad looking for couples willing to file a test case against the government for same-sex marriage and, after discussing it with DeRoche, agreed to make a very public bid to be the first same-sex couple to wed on Bermuda.

“It’s exciting. There’s a lot of people who’ve contacted me to say they do support me, who say they’re completely for it — people who don’t even know me,” Godwin says.

The couple filed their request to marry on July 4, assisted by their lawyer Mark Pettingill, who is also a member of parliament in Bermuda’s governing party and a former attorney-general. On July 7, the application was rejected on the grounds that the Matrimonial Causes Act only permits marriage between a man and a woman. The next day, the Bermuda House of Assembly passed an amendment protecting the act from challenges under the Human Rights Act, which bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. On July 14, the Senate rejected the bill by a 6-5 vote, but the Senate can only delay legislation for up to a year.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 16, 2016 at 7:27 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

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  • The Big Picture shares photos from the Nice terror attack.
  • blogTO notes that it might soon be illegal to talk and text in Toronto.
  • City of Brass’ Aziz Poonawalla responds to Gingrich’s call for a deportation of sharia-believing Muslims.
  • Crooked Timber considers the prospects for the United Kingdom.
  • Language Hat looks at the problems involved with translating Chinese poetry.
  • The LRB Blog looks at third-wave jihadism.
  • The Map Room Blog examines the most popular walking routes in the United Kingdom.
  • Towleroad notes that Trump’s vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence wanted to divert funding for HIV/AIDS towards gay conversion therapy.
  • Window on Eurasia notes that the dying-off of the old generation of people in the former Soviet Union will not necessarily leave younger pro-market ones.

[URBAN NOTE] “Canada’s Wonderland worker told gay couple to stop hugging”

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The Toronto Star‘s Alex Ballingall describes a sad incident at Wonderland. The heartening element in this story is the uniformly negative reaction to this incident.

Revelers can do almost anything at Canada’s Wonderland: surge in a train car at highway speed down a near-vertical incline, swoop on a gargantuan swing, scarf down pounds of bulk candy and free-fall 70 metres while strapped in a chair.

But if you’re gay and you hug your partner?

Not so fast, apparently.

Barrett Morrison and Brandon Hamilton went to the Vaughan amusement park on June 18 to mark the annual “Gay Day” at Wonderland, organized this year by advocacy group PFLAG and Pride Toronto. Waiting in line for the Lazy River, Morrison said he and his partner hugged —as any couple might on such an occasion.

Apparently somebody didn’t like that.

Morrison said they were approached by a Wonderland worker who told them there was a complaint. The worker asked them to stop hugging and said “we should check our behaviour because it’s a family park,” Morrison said.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 14, 2016 at 5:44 pm

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

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  • Bloomberg notes Ireland’s huge unexpected recent reported growth, looks at the deindustrialization of Israel, observes Deutsche Bank’s need to search for wealth abroad, looks at the demographic imperatives that may keep healthy Japanese working until they are 80, notes the slipping ANC grip on Pretoria and looks at the rise of anti-Muslim Pauline Hanson in Australia, and predicts Brexit could kill the London property boom.
  • Bloomberg View calls for calm in the South China Sea.
  • CBC notes some idiot YouTube adventurers who filmed themselves doing stupid, even criminal, things in different American national parks.
  • The Globe and Mail reports on the plans for a test tidal turbine in the Bat of Fundy by 2017.
  • MacLean’s looks at the heckling of a gay musician in Halifax and reports on the civil war in South Sudan.
  • The New York Times looks at the new xenophobia in the east English town of Boston.
  • Open Democracy notes that talk of a working class revolt behind Brexit excludes non-whites, and reports on alienation on the streets of Wales.
  • Wired looks at how some cash-strapped American towns are tearing up roads they cannot afford to maintain.

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