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[NEWS] Fourteen links

  • By at least one metric, New Brunswick now lags economically behind a more dynamic Prince Edward Island. CBC reports.
  • NOW Toronto looks at toxic fandoms. (“Stanning” sounds really creepy to me.)
  • This CityLab article looks at how the particular characteristics of Japan, including its high population density, helps keep alive there retail chains that have failed in the US.
  • MacLean’s looks at Kent Monkman, enjoying a new level of success with his diptych Mistikôsiwak at the Met in NYC.
  • Can there be something that can be said for the idea of an Internet more strongly pillarized? Wired argues.
  • I reject utterly the idea of meaningful similarities between Drake and Leonard Cohen. CBC did it.
  • Toronto Life looks at the life of a Hamilton woman hurt badly by the cancellation of the basic income pilot, here.
  • Inspired by the death of Gord Downie, Ontario now has the office of poet-laureate. CBC reports.
  • Is Canada at risk, like Ireland, of experiencing two-tier health care? CBC considers.
  • A French immigrant couple has brought the art of artisanal vinegar to ile d’Orléans. CBC reports.
  • Shore erosion is complicating the lives of people along Lake Erie. CBC reports.
  • MacLean’s notes how Via Rail making it difficult for people without credit cards to buy anything on their trains, hurting many.
  • Michelle Legro notes at Gen that the 2010s is the decade where conspiracy culture became mainstream.
  • This essay by Robert Greene at his blog talking about what history, and historians, can do in our era is thought-provoking.

[MUSIC] Three music links: Gord Downie and the Hip, Madonna, Joni Mitchell

  • NOW Toronto shared a feature of theirs from 1989 on the Tragically Hip, featuring a Gord Downie interview, here.
  • Barry Walters argues Madonna’s early 1990s experiments, like the album Erotica and the book Sex, are underrated, here at Rolling Stone.
  • Noisey interviews the biographer of Joni Mitchell and makes the point that she is peerless.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 27, 2017 at 8:30 pm

[MUSIC] Three Gord Downie links (#gorddownie): Ontario, Kingston, Canada

  • Elisabeth de Mariaffi argues that Gord Downie’s spirit is tied deeply to exotic rural Ontario.
  • MacLean’s looks at Gord Downie’s deep connections to a Kingston personally familiar to me.
  • Patrick Finn writes about Gord Downie’s contributions to an ever-evolving Canadian culture.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 22, 2017 at 8:45 pm

[REVIEW] Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire, Secret Path

Secret Path, drawn by Canadian cartoonist Jeff Lemire, is another account of the story of an Anishinaabe child Chanie Wenjack, the same told in Boyden’s Wenjack. Secret Path is a graphic novel, Lemire’s wordless drawings in pencils with watercolours being interspersed with lyrics from Downie’s album of the same name.

From Secret Path #canada #chaniewenjack #secretpath #gorddownie #jefflemire

Secret Path is a high point in Lemire’s career, and a high point for the the Canadian graphic novel, depicting the struggle of a young boy to return home in all of its sadness and all of its glory with beautiful art.

This, too, is a book that must be read.

[MUSIC] The Tragically Hip, “Ahead by a Century”

The 1996 song “Ahead by a Century” is the song I most closely associate with the Tragically Hip, perhaps because its video was released soon after I began my career as a watcher of MuchMusic.

Rain falls in real time
And rain fell through the night
No dress rehearsal, this is our life

What can I say but that the band, perhaps for me particularly with its cerebral lyrics, is iconically Canadian for good reason?

Written by Randy McDonald

May 26, 2016 at 11:58 pm