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[BLOG] Some Sunday links

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  • The Broadside Blog’s Caitlin Kelly talks about a week of her life as a freelance writer, highlighting so much of her work relates to social connections as opposed to actual writing.
  • The Frailest Thing’s Michael Sacasas shares an astonishingly prescient take by E.B. White on the power of television from 1938.
  • Hornet Stories notes the efforts of the Indonesian government to get the Google Play Store there to block 70 apps used by LGBT people.
  • At In a State of Migration, Lyman Stone looks at demographic trends in Hawaii, the other major insular possession of the United States. Low fertility and a high cost of living may actually lead to population decline there, too, in the foreseeable future.
  • Joe. My. God. notes the death, at 59, of trailblazing gay comedian Bob Smith.
  • JSTOR Daily links/u> to a paper noting how Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Uprising played a critical role in shaping post-war Jewish identity.
  • Towleroad notes the announcement of an astonishingly preserved 1945 film clip showing gay men, out, at a pool party in 1945 Missouri.
  • Window on Eurasia notes one prominent Donbas separatists’ push for an aggressive response to the Ukrainian government over the collapse of Minsk, including an attempt to reclaim the remainder of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts from Kyiv.

[ISL] Five links on islands: Puerto Rico, Japan, Newfoundland, climate change, Koh Pich

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  • New York Magazine carries this article looking at the dreadful aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the lagging response of government (American, mainly). Heads should roll.
  • Japan Times carries an article looking at the various strategies used by different Japanese islands and archipelagoes to try to resist depopulation. Some work better than others.
  • Could the outposts of Newfoundland benefit not from consolidation and planned depopulation, but from planned resettlement? The precedents from Ireland and Italy are interesting, at least. CBC reports.
  • The Inter Press Service notes that climate change, including rising sea levels and growing storms, will hit smart island nations badly.
  • Morgan Fache at Roads and Kingdoms reports on how Koh Pich, “Diamond Island”, offshore of Phmon Penh, has been emptied of its population of fishers to make way for an elite real estate development.

[ISL] Four Prince Edward Island links: immigration, bluefin tuna, cannabis, Confederation Bridge

  • This Michael Tutton Canadian Press report looking at how some immigrants to Prince Edward Island have been exploited economically by companies participating in the provincial immigration program points to serious issues.
  • Elizabeth McSheffrey reports for National Observer about how some bluefin tuna off the north shore of PEI are so hungry that they are actually approaching humans for food.
  • The PEI government does not plan on permitting advertisements for cannabis when legalization comes. CBC reports.
  • Fees for crossing the Confederation Bridge are set to rise to $47 for cars in the new year. CBC reports.

[ISL] Five notes on Islands: Madeira, imaginary places, thylacine, Ōkunoshima rabbit, volcanic Tonga

  • JSTOR Daily links to a paper examining how a speculative sugar boom in early modern Madeira was the first of its kind.
  • Simon Worrall interviews author Malachy Tallack about the latter’s book of imaginary places, notably islands.
  • News that the DNA of a preserved thylacine has been salvaged is fantastic. Besides the scientific interest of this, could this lead to the resurrection of this Tasmanian species?
  • Elaina Zachos notes the many problems facing the many cute rabbits product of a recent introduction to the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima.
  • A volcanic island that recently emerged from the sea off of Tonga turns out to be much more durable than scientists had expected.

[NEWS] Three links on frontiers: Liberland, Catalonia, West Bank maps

  • GQ has a terribly unflattering article about the motivations and personalities behind the establishment of Liberland, a libertarian microstate on an island at the frontiers of Serbia and Croatia.
  • This extended examination of the issue of Catalonian separatism in Spain, taking a look at both sides of the conflicts, suggests this conflict may be intractable. The Atlantic has it.
  • Miriam Berger at Wired notes how the profound insufficiency of maps of the Palestinian-occupied areas of the West Bank forces Palestinians to turn to newcomer maps.me.

[ISL] Four islands links: Puerto Rico, Ireland, Prince Edward Island, Okinoshima

  • The New York Times suggests that the proper death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico alone may be more than a thousand, not the official toll of 62.
  • Mary Fitzgerald at Open Democracy looks at how Ireland, North and South, may have fatally undermined the May government and the Brexit project.
  • Tamara Khandaker at VICE reports the predictable news that Prince Edward Island plans to permit the legal sale of marijuana through stores run by the monopolistic liquor corporation, like the larger Ontario.
  • Jonathan Kaiman reports on Okinoshima, a sacred island in Japan whose keepers fear increased attention will threaten the location’s very nature.

[NEWS] Four notes from distant corners: Corsica, Dominica, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Montenegro

  • Nationalists, though not separatists, have done quite well in recent elections in Corsica. Bloomberg reports.
  • Dominica, ravaged by recent hurricanes, is preparing for an environmentally tumultuous future. The Inter Press Service reports.
  • Scotland, for one, is looking to Northern Ireland as a possible precedent for its relationship with the European Union. Bloomberg reports.
  • Balkanist takes a look at the potential impact the breakdown of relations between Russia and Montenegro might have on the small state, dependent on Russian tourism.