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[NEWS] Seven space links: Moon and Mercury, black holes and neutron stars, probes

  • Universe Today notes that shadowed areas on the Moon and Mercury might have thick deposits of ice, here.
  • Science Alert notes a study suggesting that a large number of black holes might be careening throughout the galaxy, here.
  • Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, recently flared for an unknown reason. Science Alert has it.
  • Astronomers have found the most massive neutron star yet known, J0740+6620 at 2.17 solar masses 4600 light-years away. Phys.org reports.
  • The environment surrounding a supermassive black hole like Sagittarius A* might actually be a good place to live, if you have the needed technology. Scientific American considers.
  • Universe Today notes that the Hubble has been looking at the fading 2017 kilonova GRB 170817A, mapping the fading glow.
  • A new study suggests that space is not filled with civilizations of self-replicating probes competing with each other. Cosmos Magazine reports.