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[URBAN NOTE] On the pop-up shop of Justin Bieber, in Toronto and elsewhere

When I saw Bianca Venerayan’s blogTO post pop up on my RSS feed, I knew I’d be going to see this.

Justin Bieber just announced via Facebook that his merchandise will be sold at Nomad (819 Queen St W) this Wednesday and Thursday (May 18 – 19) from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Designed by Jerry Lorenzo of menswear label Fear of God, the Purpose tour merch will be available to those willing to wait in a round-the-corner line up (undoubtedly forming as you read this). A variety of exclusive Toronto gear and Nomad collaboration pieces will also be up for grabs.

A Vogue.com interview, “Talking Justin Bieber’s VFiles Pop-Up Shop With Designer Jerry Lorenzo” by Steff Yotka, goes into more detail about the idea behind the shop.

Jerry Lorenzo, the Purpose tour merch designer and Fear of God founder, was inside the shop, mingling with fans and thumbing the racks. “[The pop-ups are] a way for the artist to take that experience from the show and provide it to some other kids that possibly couldn’t get tickets to the show or weren’t able to make the show in certain cities,” Lorenzo told Vogue.com. “It’s just another touch point for the artist. It’s another place for the fans to come and congregate and talk and vibe. It’s just proven to be really successful. It was a model that, with what we’re doing with Justin, we felt like was necessary to follow.”

From the looks of the lines, the shop will prove to be successful for Bieber, too. When Vogue.com toured the interior, fans were piling hoodies and long-sleeve tees onto their arms in droves. Among the most popular styles were a black long-sleeve tee with Bieber’s face on the back, a beige-y T-shirt with “My Mama Don’t Like You” written down the back, and the electric yellow hoodie made in collaboration with VFiles that reads “Security” on the front. On the whole, the pieces bent toward the hard-core—perhaps a new style note for some of Bieber’s younger fans, but one they seem keen to test out. “It’s all Justin’s vision. It’s his idea, it’s his direction,” Lorenzo said, explaining that the singer was inspired by the brands he wears and his hobbies outside of music. “What he’s doing with his life when he’s not performing is skating. He wanted it to have this ’90s skate feel, and he’s super into all these vintage tees, so he wanted it to have this timeless, vintage, ’90s metal touch to it. I got this metal artist, Mark Riddick, who’s one of the best in coming up with logos and full-on art, and we worked hand in hand in coming up with some ideas. The design team from Bravado had their ideas, and I kind of just sat back and put the pieces together and made sure that it kind of was the same language in the end.”

Written by Randy McDonald

May 17, 2016 at 7:00 pm

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