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[PHOTO] Five photos from a night in Kensington Market, on Baldwin Street

Looking east, Kensington Avenue and Baldwin Street #toronto #kensingtonmarket #kensingtonave #baldwinstreet #night #latergram

West on Baldwin Street towards Augusta #toronto #kensingtonmarket #baldwinstreet #night #latergram

Neon #toronto #kensingtonmarket #baldwinstreet #night #neon #signs #thirstyandmiserable #latergram

Flower #toronto #kensingtonmarket #baldwinstreet #flower #publicart #graffiti #latergram

Storefront #toronto #kensingtonmarket #baldwinstreet #windowdisplay #window #caribbeancorner #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

November 2, 2019 at 12:30 pm

[PHOTO] Four photos of murals in Kensington Market, and one old fruit cart

Mural (1) #toronto #kensingtonmarket #collegestreet #augustaave #mural #publicart #graffiti #latergram

Mural (2) #toronto #kensingtonmarket #oxfordstreet #augustaave #mural #publicart #graffiti #latergram

Mural (3) #toronto #kensingtonmarket #oxfordstreet #augustaave #mural #publicart #graffiti #latergram

Mural (4) #toronto #kensingtonmarket #oxfordstreet #augustaave #mural #publicart #graffiti #italy #canada #migration #latergram

Old fruit cart #toronto #kensingtonmarket #nassaustreet #augustaave #mural #publicart #graffiti #latergram #fruitcart

Written by Randy McDonald

August 28, 2019 at 12:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Eight Toronto links: neighbourhoods, housing, mass transit, Great Lakes

  • I do agree with the argument of Emma Teitel in the Toronto Star that, between the east and the west of Toronto, the west is the more snobbish. (West-ender, here.)
  • blogTO notes that home prices in Toronto are ridiculously out of the reach of average millennials.
  • Is multi-generational housing the solution to the housing shortage in Toronto? The Toronto Star reports.
  • Toronto Life profiles</u. the photos taken by Jesse Colin Jackson of the now-demolished Regent Park building of 14 Blevins Place.
  • The story of the terrible, expensive architectural problems with the TTC’s Pioneer Village station is appalling. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Steve Munro notes how the TTC is decidedly unhappy with the failings of Presto.
  • Christian Mittelstaedt writes at NOW Toronto about how the flooding of the Toronto Islands this year can be traced, in part, to problems with how Canada and the United States jointly manage the Great Lakes.

[URBAN NOTE] Ten Toronto links: politics, transit, pop culture, photos

  • CBC Toronto bids farewell, fittingly at TCAF time, to the iconic Jason Loo Toronto comic series The Pitiful Human-Lizard.
  • At blogTO, Tanya Mok reports on the resistance of tenants at 54-56 Kensington Avenue to an illegal eviction order by their landlord.
  • The Toronto Star reports</u. on a new matchmaking event intended to connect future roommates to each other.
  • Kevin Ritchie at NOW Toronto reports on how a new pricing scheme for the AGO, including a $35 annual pass for people over 25, reflects a push to try to get more people into museums.
  • Glenn Sumi writes at NOW Toronto about the increasingly steep price of ticket prices for live theatre in Toronto.
  • Toronto Life shares photos from an exhibit, by Patrick Cummins and Ivaan Kotulsky, of Queen Street West in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Richard Longley writes at NOW Toronto about the emptying of an old warehouse of collectibles and oddities on Wabush, part of the decline of old storied Toronto.
  • Toronto Life shares more photos from outdoor market Stackt, at Front and Bathurst.
  • Steve Munro starts to analyse traffic patterns on the 501 Queen streetcar, looking first at the Neville Loop end.
  • NOW Toronto is one of a few news sources to report on Scarborough writer Téa Mutonji and her new short story collection Shut Up, You’re Pretty.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Presto, Kensington Market, KING, Beaches, Ontario Place

  • Jarek Piórkowski writes about how he can use his Presto card records to reconstruct, to varying degrees of fidelity, his commutes across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • blogTO notes that the streetside bins of nuts and fruits of Salamanca Dry Foods Store in Kensington Market are no more, thanks to a new charge by the city.
  • This paid section at the Toronto Star does a good job explaining the new planned Bjarke Ingels KING condominium complex on King Street West.
  • CBC Toronto notes a new push by residents of the Beaches to encourage visitors (and locals) not to litter, on Woodbine or any other of the east-end’s iconic strands.
  • The Toronto Star reports on a community meeting regarding the redevelopment of Ontario Place, the different proposals all being united by a desire to keep this place a high-quality destination open to all Torontonians.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: extreme weather, Jodi Emery, Little Jamaica, public art, Mnandi pie

  • Matt Elliott at CBC Toronto asks what, exactly, the City of Toronto is doing to prepare for the increasingly erratic and dangerous weather hitting the city.
  • NOW Toronto reports on how Jodie Emery plans to start expanding her marijuana empire, and her wider influence, after opening a new café in Kensington Market.
  • This NOW Toronto article reporting on some of the restaurants of Little Jamaica, along Eglinton Avenue West, is informative.
  • I honestly have to say that I have taken note of Three Points Make Two Lines, down at Vaughan Road and St. Clair Avenue West. I will. Murray Whyte at the Toronto Star makes the case.
  • Suresh Doss describes the Mnandi pies sold by Evis Chirowamhangu at Wychwood Barns.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Danforth, #MeTooandthearts, Kensington Market, Yorkville, HomeShare

  • The murder of two young people and wounding of more than a dozen in a shooting on the Danforth is shocking. CBC reports.
  • CBC reports on a timely new exhibition at the ROM, #MeToo & The Arts.
  • Samantha Edwards at NOW Toronto notes how plans to transform the old Fairland grocery store on Augusta into a big nightclub threatens the nature of Kensington Market.
  • blogTO notes that the mist gardens of the Four Seasons Toronto on Yorkville Avenue are open to the public and free.
  • The new City of Toronto program HomeShare, getting older residents to rent out unused rooms to younger tenants (often students), is one creative response to the crises of affordable housing and aging. The Toronto Star reports.