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[MUSIC] Five music links: Québec, multilingual pop, Paul Simon, streaming, Troye Sivan w/ Kim Petras

  • Luke Ottenhof writes at MacLean’s about how English Canadians miss out on the thriving Québécois popular music scene, one enormously successful and engaging with the world nicely.
  • This article at Noisey looks at how global pop music is becoming increasingly multilingual, Spanish and Korean being specifically noted here.
  • Daniel Drake wrote a touching essay last month about Paul Simon and his father over at the NYR Daily.
  • Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution reports on how streaming as a technology for music distribution altered the nature of songcraft.
  • This NOW Toronto review by Natalia Manzocco of the performance by Troye Sivan at the local stop of his Bloom tour, backed by Kim Petras, still startles me. That this is mainstream pop is amazing.