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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Kristyn Wong-Tam, #topoli, police racism, Toronto Sun, Bombardier

  • At NOW Toronto, city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam writes about her frightening experiences being targeted in campaigns by the alt-right.
  • Sean Marshall mapped the municipal election results in Parkdale-High Park and Davenport.
  • Alok Mukherjee at NOW Toronto notes how the Toronto police manage to evade engaging with its history of anti-black racism and violence.
  • The National Observer notes the criticism of the Ontario Press Council of the Toronto Sun for its false report of refugees in a Scarborough hotel slaughtering goats.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, Metrolinx is still awaiting delivery of the first Eglinton Crosstown vehicle from Bombardier. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] “Toronto plans historic mass gay wedding for World Pride”

CTV Toronto’s Katherine DeClerq reports that during World Pride, Toronto–perhaps to exorcise the Ford years, perhaps to promote Casa Loma–is going to stage a mass wedding.

World Pride has just made it easy for same-sex couples to marry by rolling “out the rainbow carpet” in a wedding meant to make the record books.

The City of Toronto will host the biggest LGBTQ mass wedding in history on June 26 at the historical landmark Casa Loma. City officials are expecting up to 200 couples to be married, which would be 70 more than the current record-holding city Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam announced the celebration on May 2, inviting LGBTQ couples to participate in the “Grand Pride Wedding,” as it is being called.

“The Casa is opening its doors and we are inviting all LGBTQ couples and two-spirited couples from across the Americas and around the world in love and commitment,” Kelly said in the introductory YouTube video, explaining the event.

The ceremonies, which will be conducted by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, New Thought, and Humanist officiants, will begin at 3 p.m. The festivities will continue into the night with dinner and live entertainment.

The newlyweds won’t have to worry about any of the wedding details. Flowers, photographers, tents, and audio equipment will be provided for them. There is no cost for registered couples, but there will be a $45 fee for guests to attend.

In a press conference on Monday, Wong-Tam said that Toronto has “had a very trying time over the past few years trying to put forward a face for the city about inclusivity, about diversity, about acceptance, which are true core principles of every Torontonian.”

blogTO and Torontoist also report.

The video with Wong-Tam and Kelly, if you’re curious, is below.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 6, 2014 at 1:45 am