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[ISL] “‘Seasteaders’ gather in San Francisco to develop ocean cities”

Seasteading is a concept developed by libertarians who detest the monopolization of the Earth’s habitable land space by states, so preventing the formation of libertarian stateless societies. Going to the ocean, the theory holds, and building artificial islands free of any terrestrial sovereignty is the solution necessary for libertarianism’s realization. Matt O’Brien’s Mercury News article provides his readers with a look at a recent conference held by the movement in San Francisco.

Colonizing the oceans to free human progress from the choking grasp of regulation has drawn a wealthy group of futurists, engineers, maritime lawyers and libertarians to San Francisco this weekend.

“We’ve run out of frontier. All land is claimed. And our revolutions have become superficial,” said Patri Friedman, who cofounded The Seasteading Institute four years ago with billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

They envision a floating city movement whose most immediate step is to launch a “visa-free” ship by 2014 to house and employ high-tech workers in international waters 12 miles off the Peninsula.

Next might be a medical tourism ship in a refurbished, $8 million casino ship recently donated to the institute, said Friedman, a Berkeley resident and grandson of the late libertarian economist Milton Friedman.

But those are just pioneer projects for “seasteaders” who want to populate the high seas with autonomous city-states that compete for the world’s residents by creating the best governments.

“We could let a thousand experiments like Hong Kong bloom,” Friedman said. “Politics can be like shopping for a country.”

Written by Randy McDonald

June 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

  • At Crasstalk, LaZiguezon posts pictures of five remarkable abandoned places: a Portuguese-built stadium in Angola left after independence, an island of broken dolls. and more.
  • Daniel Drezner notes that a Republican Congressman, Eric Cantor, went on the record as stating that the United States government should do nothing that would upset Israel. That makes Israel singular in that respect.
  • Eastern approaches notes that things are getting worse in Lukashenko’s Belarus, and that the current round of European Union sanctions may only have the effect of pushing the country into a tighter relationship with Russia.
  • At A Fistful of Euros, Edward Hugh makes the point that hidden debts and unacknowledged financial liabilities make Spain’s position far more awkward and dangerous than commonly assumed.
  • The Global Sociology Blog reviews Paul Mason’s new book Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere – The New Global Revolutions, which makes the claim that the mass protests and revolutions of the past couple of years are product of the conjunction between disastrous globalization and the technological enablement of large cohorts of educated young people.
  • At Registan, Michael Hancock-Parmer makes a brief post commenting on the similarities–phonetic and otherwise–between the Kazakhs and the Cossacks.
  • Towleroad notes Germany’s defense of its foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, from Belarus’ Lukashenko after the man public statement that it was better to be a dictator that to be gay.
  • At the Volokh Conspiracy, Ilya Somin describes the major perspectives of libertarians on the United States’ Civil War, covering everything from libertarian supporters of the Union who think the war was the best way of freeing the slaves to full-out supporters of the Confederacy who forget that blacks count as people.

[LINK] Some Yorkshire Ranter links

I’ve neglected this perennially insightful and provocative blog shamefully. Let me make up for it.

  • Libertarianism is criticized on the grounds that its basic principles are mistaken: the state is not completely illegitimate, but actually can be quite functional and legitimate.
  • He doesn’t like geoengineering on the grounds that it introduces more variable into an already erratic global climate system.
  • Are many Republicans driven by the fear of external disapproval?
  • Ever want to engage in social networking while you’re isolated? Like in an isolation tank?

Written by Randy McDonald

November 6, 2009 at 3:35 pm


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