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[NEWS] Twenty news links

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  • NOW Toronto looks at the Pickering nuclear plant and its role in providing fuel for space travel.
  • In some places like California, traffic is so bad that airlines actually play a role for high-end commuters. CBC reports.
  • Goldfish released into the wild are a major issue for the environment in Québec, too. CTV News reports.
  • China’s investments in Jamaica have good sides and bad sides. CBC reports.
  • A potato museum in Peru might help solve world hunger. The Guardian reports.
  • Is the Alberta-Saskatchewan alliance going to be a lasting one? Maclean’s considers.
  • Is the fossil fuel industry collapsing? The Tyee makes the case.
  • Should Japan and Europe co-finance a EUrasia trade initiative to rival China’s? Bloomberg argues.
  • Should websites receive protection as historically significant? VICE reports.
  • Food tourism in the Maritimes is a very good idea. Global News reports.
  • Atlantic Canada lobster exports to China thrive as New England gets hit by the trade war. CBC reports.
  • The Bloc Québécois experienced its revival by drawing on the same demographics as the provincial CAQ. Maclean’s reports.
  • Population density is a factor that, in Canada, determines political issues, splitting urban and rural voters. The National Observer observes.
  • US border policies aimed against migration from Mexico have been harming businesses on the border with Canada. The National Post reports.
  • The warming of the ocean is changing the relationship of coastal communities with their seas. The Conversation looks.
  • Archival research in the digital age differs from what occurred in previous eras. The Conversation explains.
  • The Persian-language Wikipedia is an actively contested space. Open Democracy reports.
  • Vox notes how the US labour shortage has been driven partly by workers quitting the labour force, here.
  • Laurie Penny at WIRED has a stirring essay about hope, about the belief in some sort of future.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: National Park, Lennox Island, traffic, Charlottetown mass transit, Cornwall

  • The Prince Edward Island National Park, unsurprisingly, was devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Global News reports.
  • The Mi’kmaq community of Lennox Island lost large amounts of frozen lobster after Hurricane Dorian. CBC PEI reports.
  • Peter Rukavina has mapped the busiest and sleepiest roads on PEI, here.
  • Growth in ridership on Trius Transit in Charlottetown continues to outpace expectations, CBC PEI reports.
  • The work that the Charlottetown suburb of Cornwall is doing, diverting the Trans-Canada Highway to build a Main Street, is authentically exciting urbanism. CBC PEI reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Port Hope, Montréal, Shediac, Halifax, Vancouver

  • Finally, the remediation of the low-level radioactive waste scattered around Port Hope is starting. Global News reports.
  • Will Montréal bring back the Expos? Global News gauges opinion.
  • I congratulate Shediac for winning the world record for the longest lobster roll. Global News reports.
  • The new Glitter Bean Café in Halifax sounds like a fun queer-oriented coffee shop. Global News reports.
  • Terry Glavin argues that the city government of Vancouver is being terribly negligent in allowing the city to be undermined by unregulated income flows. MacLean’s has it.

[NEWS] Five notes on food: pork in Germany, California agriculture, NL clam, Maine lobster, food box

  • Pork consumption in Germany is dropping, a consequence of changing demographics and changing dietary preferences. Bloomberg reports.
  • Raids on illegal immigrants by ICE have the potential to badly hurt agriculture in California. Bloomberg reports.
  • The story of how an effort to open up the Arctic surf clam fishery of Newfoundland, particularly to natives and non-natives alike became a big mess is sad. The National Post reports.
  • Apparently, to cope with injuries and chronic pain, the lobster fishers of Maine are coping by using heroin. Is this going on in Atlantic Canada, too? VICE reports.
  • Things like the Trump plan to substantially replace fresh foods with boxed non-perishable goods in food stamp problems have happened to Native Americans already. The dietary and health consequences are significantly negative. NPR reports.

[ISL] Five Prince Edward Island links

  • News that lobsters experience pain when lowered into boiling water will have implications for the Island. CBC reports.
  • The National Post reports on a Legion hall in Tignish that shamefully refused a Sikh man entry on account of his headdress.
  • Happily, shipments of The Globe and Mail’s Saturday edition to Prince Edward Island have resumed. CBC goes into detail.
  • The Prince Edward Island government has contracted with three companies to grow three million grams of marijuana for local sale. CBC reports.
  • The University of Prince Edward Island will be offering a two-year Master’s program in tourism. CBC reports.

[PHOTO] Fourteen photos of Ripley’s Aquarium

I visited Ripley’s Aquarium last months with my parents. It was one of the few major tourist sights in the downtown that I had not seen, and my parents were curious, so off we went!

I can’t say that Ripley’s Aquarium has much scientific value, but I can attest to the fact that it does an excellent job of displaying the vast diversity of marine life, piscine and otherwise. I enjoyed seeing these creatures, well-adapted to their differing aquatic environments, on display in something like their native habitats. I only hope they felt likewise.

These photos are less than half of the photos I’ve just posted on Flickr and Instagram, which in turn constitute half of the photos I will be posting. More there now, and there will be more–the rest, I think–tomorrow.

Ticket #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #ticket #latergram

Blue #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #ticket #blue #fish #latergram

Fossil above #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #ticket #fossil #fish #latergram

Swarm #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #schooloffish #latergram

Paddlefish #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #paddlefish #latergram

American eel #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #eels #americaneel #latergram

Blackbelly rockfish #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #eels #blackbellyrockfish #latergram

Sea raven #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #searaven #latergram

Lobster #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #lobster #crustacean #latergram

Pacific kelp forest (2) #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #kelp #pacifickelp #latergram

Pacific kelp forest (3) #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #kelp #pacifickelp #latergram

Anemones (3) #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #anemone #latergram

Coral reef fish (1) #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #coralreef #latergram

Coral reef fish (3) #toronto #ripleysaquarium #aquarium #fish #coralreef #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

December 11, 2017 at 8:45 am

[PHOTO] Some lobster-related merchandise at the Cavendish Boardwalk, PEI

Some lobster-related merchandise #pei #princeedwardisland #cavendish #cavendishboardwalk #lobster #tshirt #caps #candy #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

October 28, 2017 at 8:00 am