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[URBAN NOTE] Seven city links: Mississauga, Oshawa, Hamilton, London, Kingston, Montréal, Québec

  • A historic bridge over the Credit River in Mississauga, happily, will not be demolished but instead will be repaired. CBC reports.
  • Now that automobile production has stopped at the Oshawa General Motors plant, what will become of that city? CBC reports.
  • The auditor-general of Ontario will investigate the claimed costs that led to the cancellation of the Hamilton LRT. Global News reports.
  • A new bus route now connects London, Ontario, to Sarnia. Global News reports.
  • Kingstonist reports that filming for the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery has just finished up in Kingston, at the pen.
  • Joe Buongiorno writes at CBC Montreal at his, specifically Italian Canadian, experiences with the Jean Talon Market in Montréal.
  • Le Devoir notes that many radio stations in Québec City are leading opposition to the proposed streetcar system.

[URBAN NOTE] Nine city links

  • The new LRT that will unite Brampton and Mississauga looks very cool. blogTO reports.
  • The small farming town of Belfountain is apparently facing a major influx of Toronto tourists seeking fall sights. Global News reports.
  • Ridership on Kitchener-Waterloo transit generally has increased sharply since the opening of the Ion LRT. CBC reports.
  • London, Ontario, is trying to regenerate its downtown. Global News reports.
  • CTV Ottawa reports on O-Train Fans, a new fan community devoted to exploring the Confederation Line.
  • La Presse looks at how people cross the street in Montréal in a way different from people in Québec City, here.
  • A high-density apartment development in Fredericton is unpopular among some neighbours. Global News reports.
  • Hillsborough, New Brunswick, is trying to keep its grocery store alive. Global News reports.
  • Calgary hosts a new development of compact homes for military veterans. Global News reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Ontario real estate, Montréal, global warming, immigrant businesses

  • Smaller Ontario cities far from the GTA, like Kingston and London, are starting to see rising prices spilling over from the GTA real estate boom. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Montréal is starting to see a strong rise in real estate prices, thanks to political stability, a strong economy. international interest, and limited supply. Global News reports.
  • Guardian Cities notes that, with temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius likely to come about in many world cities as climate change progresses, many cities will become dangerous to inhabit.
  • Looking for reasons for the high death toll in the recent Québec heat wave, Malcolm Araos at The Conversation suggests that people living isolated, by themselves without strong connections, are most at risk.
  • At The Conversation, Caroline Shenaz Hossein and Semhar Asres explore the central role played by immigrant businesses in overcoming issues of unemployment and marginalization.

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: London, Ontario Pride, Ontario sex-ed, PrEP, lobster emoji, Don Bachardy

  • The pride parade in London, Ontario, was a success. Global News reports.
  • Arshy Mann at Daily Xtra notes how one key argument in the argument against the sex-ed curriculum, that a pedophile wrote the curriculum, is part of a wider homophobic argument.
  • Sky Gilbert at The Conversation contributes a full-throated defense of queer men’s right to sexual self-determination in this era of PrEP.
  • Hornet Stories notes that trans people, for want of an explicitly trans emoji, have made the lobster emoji their own.
  • JJ Geiger at Them shares photographs of Don Bachardy while talking about how Bachardy’s love with Isherwood was a key model for him while growing up.

[URBAN NOTE] Five cities links: Vancouver, Derry, Tehran, London, Kumamoto

  • Global News reports on how municipalities in the Metro Vancouver area have arranged to pay for new transit.
  • Slugger O’Toole has a multi-part investigation looking at why Derry, second city of Northern Ireland, is so poor. The first part is here.
  • Bloomberg notes that the real estate market in Tehran is definitely not friendly to hopeful buyers.
  • VICE reports on how activists in London turned an empty home into a homeless shelter.
  • The Finger Post’s David Finger shares photos of his recent visit to Kumamoto.