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[NEWS] Seven French Canada links, from Louisbourg to Québec islands to politics to economics

  • The Globe and Mail describes a salvage archaeology operation in Cape Breton, on the receding shores of Louisbourg at Rochefort Point.
  • Katie Ingram at MacLean’s notes the hostile reaction in Atlantic Canada to the consolidation of artifacts in a Québec facility.
  • The National Observer reports on how Québec has effectively banned the oil and gas industry from operating on Anticosti Island.
  • This La Presse article talks about letting, or not, the distant Iles-de-la-Madeleine keep their own Québec electoral riding notwithstanding their small population.
  • Will the Bloc Québécois go the way of the Créditistes and other Québec regional protest movements? Éric Grenier considers at CBC.
  • The National Post describes the remarkable improvement of the Québec economy in recent years, in absolute and relative terms. Québec a have?
  • Francine Pelletier argues Québec fears for the future have to do with a sense of particular vulnerability.

[PHOTO] Cannons of Louisbourg, Hart House Circle, Toronto

Cannons of Louisbourg, 1 #canada #toronto #louisbourg #newfrance #cannon #universityoftoronto

Cannons of Louisbourg, 2 #canada #toronto #louisbourg #newfrance #cannon #universityoftoronto

To quote from Wikimedia: “During the 1758 siege of the fortress of Louisbourg (in what is today Nova Scotia), five French ships were sunk in the harbour by the British. Twenty cannons from the sunken ships were raised in 1899. Two of these cannons were purchased by students at the University of Toronto for use as historic monuments: one cannon was purchased by the Arts Class of 1901 and the other by the Students’ Engineering Society. Both cannons were restored in 1993-4.” See also John Warkentin’s Creating Memory, and see Wikimedia for a photo of the two cannons together taken from the front.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 4, 2015 at 3:08 pm