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[PHOTO] Me outside, with my Quora Top Writer 2017 jacket

Me outside, with my Quora Top Writer 2017 jacket #toronto #me #selfie #quora #quoratopwriter #dovercourtvillage

Quora is fun, not least because of the swag you can get if you qualify as a Top Writer.

Written by Randy McDonald

April 10, 2017 at 11:59 am

[PHOTO] Me and my 24 postcards

I mailed my postcards off via Canada Post on the Island.

Me with the postcards #me #selfie #pei #charlottetown #postcard #postcards

There were 24.

24 postcards #pei #charlottetown #postcards #postcard

This was a good round.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 25, 2016 at 10:00 am

[PHOTO] Me, suspicious, with Owl and Fox at Harbourfront

My Facebook profile pic, by Stephen DeGrace

Pursuant to my previous post, suffice it to say that the above–thanks Stephen!–is now my new Facebook profile picture.

I had fun.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 24, 2016 at 1:59 am

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[PHOTO] Me and the Steam Canoe on Woodbine Beach (#winterstations)

Me and the Steam Canoe, 1 #toronto #thebeach #woodbinebeach #winterstations #thesteamcanoe #me #selfie

I took this selfie standing on Woodbine Beach in front of the Steam Canoe, an art installation built by a team from OCAD University, one of seven built around lifeguard stations on the beaches of east-end Toronto in the Winter Stations program. The Steam Canoe is the last one I visited, as I spent the afternoon walking across Kew and Balmy Beaches and Woodbine Beach to their west.

The installations got quite a lot of coverage. Toronto news sites covered it: see CBC, NOW Toronto,Torontoist, the Toronto Star, and Toronto.com. It also got substantial coverage elsewhere: see ArchDaily, Canadian Architect, and Slate. This attention was deserved, these works being at the very least inventive.

It was a beautiful day, so warm that the Steam Canoe could not produce steam via its solar panels. This, yet another record high this winter, is alarming, but was only distantly. I’d had a beautiful time. The extended photo post will be up tomorrow morning.

Written by Randy McDonald

February 29, 2016 at 1:52 pm

[NON BLOG] Thoughts on a ring pawned

Early last month, I pawned the ring that my then-partner gave me six years ago (or is it seven), for $C 52. I took it to one of the strip of pawnshops on Church Street by Queen that G. had introduced me to, actually. It seemed fitting.

Last picture of the ring #toronto #ring #churchstreet #pawnbrokers #latergram

I’m not quite sure why we exchanged rings in the first place. We weren’t engaged, we weren’t married, I was reluctant to make the expenditure in the first place. I was with G. for four years, but for the last two of those years I think on reflection that I may have been in the Relationship more because I liked the idea of a relationship. Perhaps, as a friend of mine suggested when I talked about it recently, we exchanged rings to try to fix something that was broken?

The money was useful, but as important for me was the act of divesting myself of something useful. I broke up with G. five years ago, have not been in contact with him for three, and had no interest at all in personally regifting this. Was it really just simple reluctance to make a definitive break from the past? The relief I felt after selling it honestly makes me think the home economics of Marie Kondo are entirely correct.

Written by Randy McDonald

January 4, 2016 at 7:52 pm

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[PHOTO] Me by the CN Tower, Toronto

I spent yesterday afternoon exploring Toronto with a visiting friend. The CN Tower was an inevitable destination.

CN Tower, looking up #toronto #cntower

CN Tower, looking up, 2 #toronto #cntower

This new photo of me is much appreciated. I needed a new profile picture for the new year, something nice to replaced my pose with Yorkdale Fashion Santa.

By the Rogers Centre, courtesy @stevedegrace #toronto #me #rogerscentre

Written by Randy McDonald

January 2, 2016 at 12:11 pm

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[PHOTO] Me and Yorkdale Fashion Santa (#yorkdalefashionsanta)

Sunday #toronto #yorkdale #yorkdalefashionsanta

Sunday evening, I travelled north on the 29 Dufferin bus up to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre to have my photo taken with Yorkdale’s Fashion Santa. If Justin Bieber did it, why not me?

NOW Toronto had a brief piece about this promotion.

Not even five minutes has passed after arriving at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre and already, Paul Mason is approached by shoppers who want photographs.

It’s hard not to notice the 51-year-old model. Dressed in a burgundy, velvet blazer with a plaid scarf draped over top, his appearance is striking. Greeting onlookers with a warm smile and his bright blue eyes, the white bearded man bears a resemblance to one of this holiday season’s most popular characters.

Each week, Mason can be found at Yorkdale posing for selfies with mall-goers to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation. The mall will donate one dollar (up to $10,000) for every photo taken with the stylish Santa and posted on social media with the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta. The campaign was started last year, but it was only this year that it went viral.

“It’s gone really well. Better than expected,” Mason says with a laugh.

It has gone so well, the phenomenon has gone global. The Mirror, a British publication, suggests that this year, the people involved took their time planning.

For this year’s Fashion Santa push, Paul and Yorkdale had more time to work on the professional-looking shots, taken back in October, and attached a charitable cause to the campaign.

Lucia Connor, Marketing Director at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, said: “The response has been spectacular – we knew there was magic in this year’s campaign.

“Adults are delighting in an interpretation of Santa that they can enjoy.

“Fashion Santa has given adults a way to reconnect with the magic of the holidays.

“Paul is a very talented model and his strong facial features appeal to both women and men with his striking beard, sparkling eyes and warm smile.”

Written by Randy McDonald

December 21, 2015 at 2:01 am