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[ISL] Five #islands links: St. Vincent, Orkneys, Hong Kong, Kiribati, Manus

  • The Inter Press Service reports on efforts to keep the fisheries of St. Vincent active, despite climate change.
  • This Guardian report on the sheer determination of the librarians of the Orkneys to service their community, even in the face of giant waves, is inspiring.
  • I am decidedly impressed by the scope of the Hong Kong plan to build a vast new artificial island. The Guardian reports.
  • This Inter Press Service report about how the stigma of leprosy in Kiribati prevents treatment is sad, and recounts a familiar phenomenon.
  • That Behrouz Boochani was able to write an award-winning book on Whatsapp while imprisoned in the Australian camp on Manus island is an inspiring story that should never have been. CBC’s As It Happens reports.

[ISL] Five #islands links: Newfoundland, Komodo, South China Sea, Kiribati, Faroe Islands

  • This story about a genealogical mystery newly-found in the genetics of Newfoundland is fascinating. The National Post reports.
  • The island of Komodo has been closed to tourists to save the Komodo dragons from poachers. VICE reports.
  • China plans to build a city under its control among the islets of the South China Sea. Business Insider reports.
  • The Inter Press Service notes the spread of leprosy in Kiribati.
  • JSTOR Daily explains why, for one week, the Faroe Islands are closed to tourists to better enable cleaning and repairs.

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait notes new evidence that the Pathfinder probe landed, on Mars, on the shores of an ancient sea.
  • The Crux reports on tholins, the organic chemicals that are possible predecessors to life, now found in abundance throughout the outer Solar System.
  • D-Brief reports on the hard work that has demonstrated some meteorites which recently fell in Turkey trace their origins to Vesta.
  • Colby King at the Everyday Sociology Blog explores sociologist Eric Klinenberg’s concept of social infrastructure, the public spaces we use.
  • Far Outliers reports on a Honolulu bus announcement in Yapese, a Micronesian language spoken by immigrants in Hawai’i.
  • JSTOR Daily considers the import of the autobiography of Catherine the Great.
  • Language Hat reports, with skepticism, on the idea of “f” and “v” as sounds being products of the post-Neolithic technological revolution.
  • Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen is critical of the idea of limiting the number of children one has in a time of climate change.
  • Jim Belshaw at Personal Reflections reflects on death, close at hand and in New Zealand.
  • Strange Company reports on the mysterious disappearance, somewhere in Anatolia, of American cyclist Frank Lenz in 1892, and its wider consequences.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel identifies five types of cosmic events capable of triggering mass extinctions on Earth.
  • Towleroad reports on the frustration of many J.K. Rowling fans with the author’s continuing identification of queer histories for characters that are never made explicit in books or movies.
  • Window on Eurasia has a skeptical report about a Russian government plan to recruit Russophones in neighbouring countries as immigrants.
  • Arnold Zwicky explores themes of shipwrecks and of being shipwrecked.

[ISL] Five #islands links: Malaga, Greenland, Vancouver Island, Menorca, Palau

  • Atlas Obscura takes a look at Malaga Island in Maine, an island brutally depopulated by state authorities a century ago because of its non-white population.
  • Gizmodo notes the discovery of some of the oldest soil ever found, paleosoil, 3.7 billion years old, in Greenland.
  • A fringe political candidate in British Columbia wants his Vancouver Island to become a separate province. The Province reports.
  • The Gibraltar Chronicle has a feature on a journalist with a book exploring the historical connection between Gibraltar and the Balearic island of Menorca, at one time a British possession.
  • The Guardian reports on how Palau dealt with a freeze on tourism from China over its continued recognition of Taiwan.

[ISL] Five #islands notes: Caribbean, Anticosti, Greece, Hawai’i, Micronesia

  • The Inter Press Service notes that the vulnerable islands of the Caribbean can survive only a modest increase in temperatures.
  • La Presse reports that the new premier of Québec, François Legault, says he has no plans to open up Anticosti island, in the Guilf of St. Lawrence, to exploration for oil.
  • VICE interviews some workers on a Greek party island to see what their lives are like. (Rarely does it feel like a vacation.)
  • The recent Hurricane Walaka has done terrible damage to some of the most remote islands of Hawai’i, destroying low-lying East Island entirely. Global News reports.
  • CNN notes that although the more remote islands of the Federated States of Micronesia might seem idyllic to tourists, local populations are emigrating from these isolated locations in large numbers.

[ISL] Five islands links: Puerto Rico, Palau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Trinidad

  • GQ reports on how Puerto Rico has managed to become a favoured legal home for the super-rich via its tax codes, here.
  • The example of Palau, hit by a collapse in Chinese tourism after its government displeased Beijing, shows the problems of depending on China. Reuters reports.
  • The SCMP notes how the prime minister of Tonga has demanded more respect from Chinese for Pacific island nations, especially in connection to debts, here.
  • This photo essay in The Atlantic shows the impact of sea level change on fragile Tuvalu, barely above sea level even now.
  • The NYR Daily reports on the experiences and art of Chris Ofili now that he is based in Trinidad.
  • [ISL] Five links on islands: maps of absent islands, Lofoten, Palau, Iceland, Hawaii

    • Greg Miller at National Geographic gathers together vintage maps showing islands that, for whatever reason, simply never existed.
    • Roads and Kingdom tells the story of Bjorn Nilsen, the only mailman of the Lofoten Islands of Norway.
    • Marginal Revolution notes the exceptional importance of baseball, not just as a sport but as an organizational principle, in the Pacific island country of Palau.
    • Iceland, experiencing a tourism boom, is spending a billion dollars on refitting its national airport to accommodate the influx. Bloomberg reports.
    • Hawaii Public Radio notes a Hawaiian protestor of Mauna Kea astronomical expansion, Kaho’okahi Kanuha, who is demanding a trial in the Hawaiian language.