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[NEWS] Ten Christmas links (#christmas)

  • CBC Indigenous reports on how Kahnawake Mohawks celebrate Christmas with a Mohawk-language radio program.
  • Craig Desson at CBC reports on how the Québec cheese-making Orthodox monastery, Virgin Mary the Consolatory, was preparing to meet Christmas.
  • Jason Vermes at CBC’s Cross-County Checkup has a report taking a look at the importance of chosen family for queer people at Christmas time, featuring the experiences of (among others) author Nathan Burgoine.
  • Samantha Allan at The Daily Beast reports on how LGBT bars in the United States often remain open on Christmas, to provide community and family for queer people excluded from said.
  • Carrie Jenkins, writing at Global News, notes how difficult it can be for people in polyamorous relationships to have both (or all) their partners recognized in holiday celebrations.
  • Adam Wallis at Global News reports on some unexpected holiday albums, starting with the Star Wars Christmas album and going through drag and metal, for starters.
  • Adam Gaffney at Jacobin Magazine makes the case for seeing Santa Claus as a hero of the left, doing his best to work wonders within a structurally unequal capitalism.
  • Stephen Maher at MacLean’s makes the case for “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues being the best Christmas song, ever.
  • Noisey makes the case for the Darlene Love original of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” being the best Christmas song.
  • A Jamie Lauren Keiles interview at Vox with Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut explains how, exactly, American Jews came to make eating at Chinese restaurants a marker of their Christmas day events.