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[AH] Five #alternatehistory maps from r/imaginarymaps: UK-Dutch, Patagonias, Virginia, Japan, Europe

  • This r/imaginarymaps map imagines a united Anglo-Dutch state. Could such have ever have occurred?
  • This r/imaginarymaps map, one in a series, imagines a Patagonia divided between multiple rival powers perhaps after the Guyanas. Could Patagonia, only recently incorporated into Argentina and Chile, have seen something like this?
  • This is a perhaps-optimistic depiction of the territory that a #Virginia independent of the United States might have held. In a no-US timeline, how far could it have gotten?
  • This r/imaginarymaps map sees the Empire of Japan as a bulwark against Communism in Asia, even taking Australia and New Zealand under its aegis. Too, see its protectorate over the Russian Far East.
  • This r/imaginarymaps map, imagining a European Federation circa 2004, makes an important point: The earlier that Europe unifies, the more geographically restricted its membership will be.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Markham, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Bay View, Ushuaia

  • blogTO reports on the efforts of York University to try to salvage the Markham campus cancelled by the Ontario provincial government.
  • CTV News reports on the Bear Clan Patrol, a First Nations group that has taken to patrolling the streets of Winnipeg to watch out for the ongoing meth crisis.
  • The Discourse wonders whether the new city council of Vancouver will be as committed to reconciliation with First Nations as the old one.
  • Vice reports on the latest from the Michigan town of Bay View, where there is an almost incomprehensible reluctance among many in that Christian-founded town to allow non-Christians to own property there.
  • Matthew Teller at Adventure writes about Ushuaia, the Argentine community that is the southernmost town in the world, and looks at this isolated community’s difficulties.

[NEWS] Five Canada links: Refus global, Gimli, refugees, right to roam, beavers

  • Anne-Marie Bouchard wrote at Huffington Post Québec on the 9th about the anniversary of the publication in 1948 of Refus global, the artistic manifesto that changed Québec.
  • Global News reported on Gimli, Manitoba, as its Islendingadagurinn–the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba–approached.
  • The fact that Canada is managing the refugee crisis on its southern border so well is something Canadians should take pride in. CBC has it.
  • The introduction of the right to roam to Canada, as suggested at The Conversation, does make some sense to me.
  • The beaver, introduced to Patagonia in 1945, has shown itself to be so prolific and ecologically disruptive that Argentina and Chile are planning a massive cull. The National Post reports.