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[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: women’s sports, LGBTQ crime, Tommy Nutter, The Violators, Angelica Ross

  • JSTOR Daily takes a look at patterns of homophobia in women’s sports.
  • Hornet Stories notes how one study found LGBTQ youth are overrepresented among first offenders, and considers why this could be the case.
  • The Daily Beast notes a new book on fashion star Tommy Nutter that makes the point that AIDS killed so many brilliant people.
  • Them highlights a new exhibit, The Violators, comprising queer art banned from social media.
  • Wealth Simple shares the life story of trans Pose actor Angelica Ross, and how hard she worked to become a success.

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

  • Architectuul looks at how, in Communist Romania, postcards sent from the resorts ot the Black Sea coast were used to bolster the image of the regime.
  • Bad Astronomy notes the evidence for a recent planetary collision in the young system of RW Aurigae A.
  • Crux visits the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, at present the main spaceport for human passengers on Earth.
  • D-Brief notes how radial velocity methods can be used to quickly find exoplanets with relatively distant orbits around their star.
  • Dead Things notes evidence that Neanderthals did make use of fire.
  • Hornet Stories notes an interview given by Barry Humphries, the actor behind Dame Edna, in which he reveals pro-Trump and anti-trans opinions.
  • At In Media Res, Russell Arben Fox grapples with the possibility of human technological civilization not being sustainable, not being natural.
  • JSTOR Daily looks at how early modern alchemists imagined human beings might be created.
  • Drew Rowsome celebrates the reappearance of Buddy Cole, the signature creation of Scott Thompson.
  • Towleroad shares an extended interview with Steven Canals, the screenwriter behind Pose, talking about this series’ background and his goals.
  • At the Volokh Conspiracy, Jonathan M. Adler deconstructs the argument of Michael Anton against birthright citizenship in the United States.
  • At Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, Livio di Matteo wonders what Trump’s incessant political Russophilia has in common with the CoDominium of SF writer Jerry Pournelle, a Russian-American alliance aimed at dominating the world.