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[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait notes a study suggesting the Milky Way Galaxy took many of its current satellite galaxies from another, smaller one.
  • The Broadside Blog’s Caitlin Kelly talks of the importance of having dreams.
  • Centauri Dreams shares a study explaining how the debris polluting the atmospheres of white dwarfs reveals much about exoplanet chemistry.
  • D-Brief notes that the intense radiation of Jupiter would not destroy potential traces of subsurface life on the surface of Europa.
  • Dangerous Minds looks at the strange musical career of Vader Abraham, fan of the Smurfs and of the Weepuls.
  • Aneesa Bodiat at JSTOR Daily writes about how the early Muslim woman of Haajar inspires her as a Muslim.
  • Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns and Money notes how an influx of American guns destabilizes Mexico.
  • The LRB Blog looks at the American abandonment of the Kurds of Syria.
  • Marginal Revolution notes how many mass protests are driven by consumer complaints.
  • The NYR Daily has an interview with EU chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, on the future of sovereignty.
  • Strange Company looks at the Dead Pig War between the US and the UK on San Juan Island in 1859.
  • Towleroad features the defense of Frank Ocean of his PrEP+ club night and the release of his new music.
  • Understanding Society looks at the sociology of norms.
  • Window on Eurasia suggests Russia and Ukraine each have an interest in the Donbass being a frozen conflict.
  • Arnold Zwicky looks at the weird masculinity of the pink jock.

[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • Bad Astronomy identifies the most distant globular cluster known to exist around the Milky Way Galaxy, PSO J174.0675-10.8774 some 470 thousand light-years away.
  • Centauri Dreams looks at the strange ring of the Kuiper Belt dwarf planet Haumea.
  • Crooked Timber looks at an ill-constructed biography of Eric Hobsbawm.
  • D-Brief notes an experiment that proves antimatter obeys the same laws of quantum mechanics as regular matter, at least insofar as the double-slit experiment is concerned.
  • Earther notes that life in Antarctica depends critically on the presence of penguin feces.
  • Imageo looks at awesome satellite imagery of spring storms in North America.
  • The Island Review interviews Irene de la Torre, a translator born on the Spanish island of Mallorca, about her experiences and thoughts on her insular experiences.
  • Joe. My. God. notes a new deal between Gilead Pharmaceuticals and the American government to make low-cost PrEP available to two hundred thousand people.
  • JSTOR Daily looks at the many ways in which The Great Gatsby reflects the norms of the Jazz Age.
  • Paul Campos at Lawyers, Guns and Money is rightly critical of the Sam Harris suggestion that white supremacism is not an ideology of special concern, being only a fringe belief.
  • Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution solicits questions for an upcoming interview with demographer of religion Eric Kaufmann.
  • Russell Darnley at Maximos62 shares cute video of otters frolicking on the Singapore River.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel asks when the universe became transparent to light.
  • Arnold Zwicky shares photos of his blooming flower gardens.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: PEI Greens, orchids, Sandstone Comics, PrEP, David Currie

  • The Guardian reports on the confidence of PEI Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker that the April election on PEI is for his party to win.
  • This guide to the wild orchids of PEI sounds very useful. CBC reports.
  • I wish the team at PEI comics group Sandstone Comics the best as they prepare their issues of original material. CBC reports.
  • The costs of anti-HIV drug regimen PrEP are now being covered on PEI for members of at-risk groups. CBC reports.
  • The Guardian features an interview with 80-year-old Charlottetown cobbler David Currie about his life and his career six decades long.

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: Tillie Walden, Trump, PrEP, Calgary, Omaha

  • Vice points readers to the queer SF comic Tillie Walden on a Sunbeam.
  • The New York Times reports on a prominent same-sex married couple, Bill White and Bryan Eure, who have become Trump supporters for what seems to be purely opportunistic reasons.
  • Inside Higher Ed looks at how American institutions of higher education are increasingly covering anti-HIV PrEP regimens on their health plans.
  • The Calgary Herald features an interview with author Kevin Allen about his book of Calgary LGBTQ history, Our Past Matters.
  • them features an article taking a look at the energy of the LGBTQ communities of Omaha, Nebraska.

[PHOTO] “Take Part in a Sexual Health Revolution”

My eye was caught when I saw, on a subway train somewhere in Brooklyn, this ad advertising PrEP.

"Take Part in a Sexual Health Revolution" #newyorkcity #newyork #subway #ad #prep #hiv #hivaids #hivawareness #latergram #preexposureprophylaxis

The preventative use of the drug Truvada to prevent HIV infection in HIV-negative people has come a long way. I first noted PrEP directly in a November 2014 post, that one reflecting on how far the idea of using anti-HIV medications to prevent HIV infection had come since I first heard of the idea in a 2005 article talking about how crystal meth users would take Truvada component tenofovir before heading off on drug-fueled orgies.

PrEP has gone far beyond those early days. It is now mainstream, approved of by the CDC and supported by the New York City Department of Health. Local health organizations like the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the Callen-Lorde Community Health Centre can apparently set people up with Truvada at reasonable cost and in reasonable amounts of time. It’s even available in Canada, Truvada being covered since September under Ontario’s provincial drug plan. I’m considering the mechanics of getting on it myself.

And yet, here in Ontario and in Toronto, home to a MSM community surely as intrisically at risk of HIV infection as New York City’s, PrEP does not have nearly the same mainstream presence as in New York City. The biggest article I’ve seen on it on the non-LGBTQ media was Josh Dehaas’ oddly dismissive article. Straight people I’ve talked to about the drug here in Canada have been routinely amazed by the fact of the existence of PrEP. Shouldn’t Toronto, at least, try to change this?

Written by Randy McDonald

February 3, 2018 at 2:45 pm

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: Josh Weed, James McCourt, Upstairs Inferno, PrEP, Hall of Justice

  • NewNowNext notes the divorce of out gay Mormon Josh Weed from his wife, after they realized their marriage wasn’t working. To his belated credit, he seems to be quite upset at the way that his personal story was used to justify homophobia.
  • At The New Yorker, Michael LaPointe celebrates James McCourt’s 1993 novel about the AIDS epidemic, Time Remaining.
  • Towleroad notes the odd and harmful refusal of the Publix grocery store chain to let its insurance companies cover Truvada prescriptions, for PrEP.
  • Drew Rowsome reviews Upstairs Inferno, a recent documentary about a fire in a New Orleans gay bar in 1973 that killed dozens and its aftermath.
  • R.M. Vaughan reports for The Globe and Mail about the new Hall of Justice poster program in Toronto, aimed to popularize LGBTQ heroes.

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

  • Bad Astronomy notes the literally cosmic homophobia of Louie Gohmert.
  • The Big Picture notes a Chinese factory set to make a fortune off of making masks of the American presidential candidates.
  • blogTO notes the raising of the Trans and Pride flags at Toronto City Hall, marking the beginning of Pride month.
  • Crooked Timber notes the racism that erased the genealogy of African-Americans.
  • Joe. My. God. notes that Britain’s NHS has rejected PrEP again.
  • Language Log notes the sensitivity of the local version of the name “Pikachu” in Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong.
  • The LRB Blog reports from the scene of an active volcano in Nicaragua.
  • Marginal Revolution notes that witchcraft apparently does hurt economic progress.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer wonders why New Zealand and Uruguay, with such similar economies, saw such substantial economic divergence after 1950.
  • Peter Rukavina reports on an interesting Asian food store in Charlottetown.
  • The Russian Demographics Blog notes a Russian claim that condoms cause HIV transmission.