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[NEWS] Four pop culture links: art in Parkdale, Wanda Nanibush, Balkan media, Canadian Thanksgiving

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  • The way art helped build a stronger community in Parkdale is the subject of this NOW Toronto article.
  • The AGO has just landed a new curator of indigenous art, Anishinabe-kwe artist Wanda Nanibush.
  • Transitions Online notes how, under Communism, different Balkan peoples kept looking to a different west for entertainment.
  • MacLean’s looks at the history of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four blogTO links: mirrors as art, old street signs, old silos, old streets

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  • blogTO looks at the mirrors being scattered across the University of Toronto campus downtown. (Art.)
  • blogTO notes that old Toronto street signs are going up for sale.
  • Abandoned silos across Toronto are being refurbished for a variety of purposes. blogTO reports.
  • This blogTO photo essay about the vestiges of abandoned streets and related infrastructure across Toronto is evocative.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 7, 2017 at 8:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: 1 Bloor West, Google at Quayside, Parkdale culture, York art show

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  • Alex Bozikovic looks at the plans for 1 Bloor Street West, The One. This tower may well become a national icon.
  • Will a Google company play a leading role in the construction of the east waterfront neighbourhood of Quayside? The Toronto Star reports.
  • The idea of the Parkdale library becoming the centre of a bigger cultural hub is provocative. NOW Toronto reports.
  • This art show at York featuring works by artists from the old internal suburbs of Toronto sounds great. The Globe and Mail reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Rob Ford, decolonizing art, Humber Bay bus, Don Valley art, crime

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  • The National Post notes that Toronto city council voted against naming a stadium after the late Rob Ford.
  • blogTO notes that Humber Bay Shores wants to run a private neighbourhood bus service, for want of a TTC presence.
  • Andrew Hunter, former Canadian curator at the AGO, calls for a decolonization of art galleries across Canada.
  • Joanna Lavoie describes the concrete sculptures of Duane Linklater newly installed across the Don valley.
  • At Torontoist, Dennis Duffy reports on the 19th century criminal gangs once populating the Don Valley. Seriously.

[PHOTO] Twelve photos from Nuit Blanche Toronto 2017 (#nbto17)

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What else can I say of Nuit Blanche 2017 in Toronto but that it was great, a perfect time to roam about downtown Toronto from Queen’s Park down to Toronto City Hall and over as far west as Parkdale in the pursuit of art?

More photos are available at my Flickr and Instagram accounts.

Speculating in Futures (2) #toronto #nbto17 #uoftschools #tarot #thefool #thetower

Here Is Where You Hid #toronto #nbto17 #batashoemuseum #miniature #landscape

Won't Back Down #toronto #nbto17 #queenspark #blacklivesmatter

Have You Seen My Sister? (1) #toronto #nbto17 #queenspark #women

#SubaruArtCar #toronto #nbto17 #financialdistrict #baystreet #kingstreet #kingstreetwest

Invisible Tattoos (1) #toronto #nbto17 #artscapeyoungplace #youngnuit

Layered Cities #toronto #nbto17 #artscapeyoungplace #youngnuit

Garden Tunnel (1) #toronto #nbto17 #drakehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

The -Dess Series (1) #toronto #nbto17 #flybynight17 #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale #gate

Punching a Pillow Until the Sun Rises (2) #toronto #nbto17 #flybynight17 #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

K&P Mart (1) #toronto #nbto17 #kpmart #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

Digital Consciousness (4) #toronto #nbto17 #parkdale #onlyonegallery #kristakim #abstractexpressionism

[URBAN NOTE] Four links about Toronto Nuit Blanche 2017 (#nbto17)

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  • Kevin Ritchie noted in NOW Toronto that this Nuit Blanche will be dominated by the theme of protest and revolution.
  • Chris Rattan talks with different curators and artists about what public art in Toronto should aim to do.
  • NOW Toronto lists its top ten exhibits for Nuit Blanche.
  • Toronto Life lists some cool places to visit for Nuit Blanche.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 30, 2017 at 8:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: rent control, Toronto Islands, 401 Richmond, amalgamation

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  • The Ontario government is not backing down on rent control despite impending conversions of real estate to condos.
  • blogTO notes this last heat wave has made the Toronto Islands superb, at last. I visited Sunday–visit while you can.
  • The 401 Richmond arts centre is getting tax relief, letting it function as a home for culture in a booming downtown.
  • Christopher Hume argues amalgamation, by undermining old power structures, made progress in Toronto impossible.