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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Liberty Market Tower, Canada goose, raccoons, van attack, Minassian

  • Urban Toronto looks at the excavation site of Liberty Market Tower in Liberty Village.
  • blogTO notes that the Canada Goose has returned to Toronto, and that some geese have begun to defend their reclaimed territories.
  • This Heather Mallick column at the Toronto Star about her accidental (and unsuccessful) impromptu stabbing of an errant raccoon is just bizarre.
  • Many of the witnesses of the Yonge Street van attack last year are still struggling. Global News reports.
  • The Katherine Laidlaw profileat Toronto Life of Alek Minassian, perpetrator of last year’s van attack on Yonge Street, is timely. Still: How did he come to that point in his life where that atrocity made sense?

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Superlinx, housing, rooming houses, raccoons

  • Urban Toronto takes a look at the revised Superlinx plan put forth by the Toronto Board of Trade for a GTA transit network.
  • Lauren Pelley at CBC Toronto highlights a new report examining how the shortage of affordable housing has the potential to create catastrophe.
  • Aparita Bhandari at The Discourse notes that, out of one Scarborough public discussion on the housing crisis, the idea of legalizing rooming houses kept coming up. I like this idea; I lived in one myself when I first moved here.
  • May Warren at the Toronto Star notes that one-third of young adults in Toronto live with their parents, and that this response to housing costs makes perfect sense.
  • Jamie Bradburn has announced that, happily, Thursday will be Trash Panda Thursday at his blog, featuring his explorations of the noble raccoon in the mass media past of Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: 1918/1919, subway, homicide, raccoons, ravines, books

  • Jamie Bradburn looks at how the newspapers of Toronto in 1918 greeted the arrival of 1919.
  • CBC Toronto notes that the question of uploading the subway–indeed, the question of what that means–will take top priority in Toronto in 2019.
  • What will the homicide rate be in Toronto in 2019? The Toronto Star considers.
  • The raccoons of Toronto deserve to be celebrated. The Toronto Star looks at this.
  • Guardian Cities looks at the extent to which the unique ecologies of the Toronto ravine system are undergoing a slow-motion collapse, and considers what can be done to stop this.
  • The Toronto Public Library’s The Buzz shared the top book picks for 2018.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Montréal, Pittsburgh, Saskatoon, Atlanta, Calgary

  • CityLab takes a look at how Montréal took care of the problem of an excess of raccoons in that city’s Mount Royal Park, particularly around the Camillien-Houd lookout.
  • CityLab takes a look at the city-defining design of Pittsburgh-based architect Tasso Katselas.
  • The Yellow Quill First Nation is setting up an urban reserve in the city of Saskatoon. Global News reports.
  • Guardian Cities looks at the roots of the black art renaissance in Atlanta.
  • Joe McFarland at Global News argues that, particularly with its skepticism over the 2026 Olympics, Calgary is starting to retreat into an anti-development mood.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: The Discourse, Scarborough RT, Christie subway, TTC, raccoons

  • The Discourse introduces its new Scarborough newsletter, written by Aparita Bhandari, here.
  • Chris Penrose shares at Spacing a photo essay, walking the length of the Scarborough RT network.
  • Transit Toronto revisits an interesting episode in Toronto transit history, the three weeks in 1960 when the TTC was planning for a subway line running south from Christie.
  • blogTO shares nine decades’ worth of photos and video of different models of TTC vehicles.
  • Leyland Cecco at Guardian Cities writes about the strong position of the raccoon in the culture of Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Bombardier, Quayside, intersections, Scarborough, raccoons

  • In the wake of the systematic welding faults in Bombardier’s streetcars delivered to the TTC, what can be said but that Bombardier is a terrible vendor? Ben Spurr reports for the Toronto Star.
  • This extended article by Nancy Scola at Politico of the immense Google operation at Quayside, its problems and its goals, is worth reading.
  • Many Toronto intersections, I can personally testify, are frightening. (The junction of Annette and Dupont with Dundas West comes to my mind.) The Toronto Star reports.
  • This Scarborough name sign does seem like it’d be fun to visit. NMOW Toronto reports.
  • Poor Toronto raccoons: Our food, scavenged by them, is making them ill. The National Post reports.

[NEWS] Two animal intelligence links: cetaceans, raccoons

  • Cetacean intelligence evolved under the same pressures as primate intelligence, and in the same ways. We are peers. The Globe and Mail reports.
  • Raccoons recently tested highly on a controlled test of their ingenuity and intelligence. A York study, of course. National Geographic reports.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 22, 2017 at 6:00 pm