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[PHOTO] Looking north across the tracks, Bartlett above Dupont, with and without flash

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Looking north across the tracks, Bartlett above Dupont with flash #toronto #bartlettavenue #night #yellow #lights #dovercourtvillage #davenport

Looking north across the tracks, Bartlett above Dupont without flash #toronto #bartlettavenue #night #yellow #lights #dovercourtvillage #davenport


Written by Randy McDonald

November 13, 2017 at 7:40 am

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: new TTC stations, Davenportage on Davenport, Lawrence West, Trump

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  • Transit Toronto notes that, on the 28th, three new TTC stations will be open for visitors.
  • Samantha Beattie describes Davenportage, a recent exploration of Davenport Road’s past as a portage route, at the Toronto Star.
  • Edward Keenan talks about how the Lawrence West SmartTrack station can be made a success, over at the Toronto Star.
  • The Toronto Star reports on how Donald Trump was the only person to profit from the former Trump Tower in Toronto.

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait looks at the discovery of rings around Kuiper belt dwarf planet Haumea, as does the Planetary Society Blog’s Jason Davis.
  • The Big Picture, from the Boston Globe, shares photos of the devastation of Puerto Rico by Maria.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes the strong support of many–most?–on the American right for apartheid.
  • The LRB Blog shares an article by Mike Davis looking at the vulnerability of California, especially Napa, to wildfires.
  • The Map Room Blog links to a beautiful detailed map of the French railway network.
  • The NYR Daily reports from Catalonia on the edge of a meltdown.
  • North’s Justin Petrone writes about going hunting for mushroooms in Estonia.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel shares five especially noteworthy photos provided by NASA. (What, no Pale Blue Dot?)
  • Window on Eurasia suggests Russians in Tatarstan, unlike other groups, are unique in not wanting to learn Tatar.

[NEWS] Four notes on the future: Toronto-Montréal hyperloop, brain hacking, Puerto Rico, Germany

  • Universe Today reports on the potential game-changing nature of a hyperloop connecting Toronto and Montréal.
  • Hacking of the brain is an obvious risk of two-way brain/Internet interfaces. From VICE.
  • Puerto Rico’s ongoing economic crisis has only been worsened by Hurricane Maria. Bloomberg reports.
  • The problem with the German economy, strong as it may be now, is that not enough has been invested in the future. Bloomberg warns.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: street art, journalism, police, Cheri DiNovo, transit at Dundas West

  • CBC notes that the Yonge and Dundas street artist scene is closing down under city regulations, including permits.
  • Emily Mathieu talks about how she conducts her journalism with some of Toronto’s most marginalized as subjects.
  • The Globe and Mail notes the local controversy over having police officers permanently stationed in schools.
  • The idea that police who actively undermine the Special Investigations Unit should be seriously punished seems obvious.
  • Veteran NDP politican and LGBTQ rights advocate Cheri DiNovo is leaving politics to become a minister in church.
  • Finally, the Dundas West TTC station will be connected to the GO Transit hub less than 300 metres away!

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: East Chinatown, Leslieville and east, Kirby GO, TTC, Eden Smith

  • blogTO argues East Chinatown, at Broadview and Gerrard, is an up-and-coming neighbourhood.
  • East-end Toronto, from Leslieville to points east, definitely is up-and-coming. The Globe and Mail reports.
  • It looks like the Kirby GO Station was approved for political reasons, not because of actual local need. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Steve Munro notes that, on the 23rd, the TTC Overhead Shop will have an open house explaining the streetcars’ pantograph.
  • In July, Torontoist looked at Toronto architect Eden Smith, connected to the Arts and Crafts Movement in Canada.

[URBAN NOTE] Three notes about the future of mass transit and infrastructure in Toronto

  • blogTO notes an exciting open house on the 28th of October for three of the new University Line subway stations.
  • Alex Bozikovic praises the architectural innovation behind the new stations on the Eglinton Crosstown line.
  • Christopher Hume’s argument (from August) that Toronto will, despite itself, have to invest in its future works.