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[URBAN NOTE] Five notes about change: U of T, Wexford Plaza, Parkdale, Metro, French immersion

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  • Universiy of Toronto contract staff have voted overwhelmingly for a strike mandate. CBC reports.
  • Wexford Plaza, an independent film centered around shopping guards at the Scarborough mall of the same name, has done well in Los Angeles and is set to open here in Toronto. blogTO reports.
  • NOW Toronto notes a protest by Parkdale residents for affordable housing at King and Dufferin, where a massive new development is expected to rise.
  • In response to the new $15 minimum wage, Metro is cutting service hours at some of its 23-hour grocery stores. blogTO reports.
  • I sincerely hope that staffing shortages will not lead the TDSB to cut French immersion from its list of programs. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on changing cities: Quayside, Andy Byford, NYC, Vancouver, Brasilia

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  • Spacing shares Ken Greenberg’s take on what Sidewalk Labs could do for an evolving City of Toronto.
  • Royson James reflects on what outgoing TTC head Andy Byford has done for Toronto, almost despite itself, over in the Toronto Star.
  • Jim Dwyer’s description of the state of the New York City subway system, something Byford will have to handle, is alarming, over in The New York Times.
  • Kerry Gold shares the convincing argument of academic John Rose that Vancouver is facing not a shortage of housing but rather a shortage of affordable housing. Policies can be instituted to change this. The Globe and Mail has it.
  • The Inter Press Service reports on a massive complex built in Brasilia by construction giant Odebrecht that now, in the Brazilian crisis, has been left empty. What to do with it? More here.

[URBAN NOTE] Three Toronto links: housing prices, Relief Line, Burtynsky at the AGO

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  • blogTO reports the obvious, that housing prices in Toronto are expected to continue to boom over the next decade despite this brief lull.
  • There has finally been an official Request for Proposal for a new TTC relief line arcing across the southeast of the downtown. blogTO has it.
  • I am incredibly excited by news of an upcoming exhibition of Edward Burtynsky’ work, Anthropocene, at the AGO in September 2018. NOW Toronto reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on changing cities: Kingston, Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles

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  • The Princess Street corridor of Kingston is booming, but too much? I really must get out there to see. Global News reports.
  • That Calgary has seen the introduction of basement suites blocked is a problem for that city. MacLean’s examines.
  • Gary Mason dislikes the increasing unaffordability of Vancouver for young people, over at The Globe and Mail.
  • CBC shows how a new indie coffee shop in Los Angeles relates to gentrification in Hispanic and black neighbourhoods.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Videoflicks, ghost service, Rob Ford football, parks, real estate

  • blogTO notes that video rental store Videoflicks, on Avenue Road, is set to close down.
  • The TTC, blogTO notes, has begun “ghost service” on its half-dozen new subway stations.
  • Edward Keenan thinks that we may as well name a football stadium after Rob Ford. Why not? If it makes Ford Nation feel better …
  • Spacing Toronto features John Lorinc looking at how community parks organizations, like at Ramsden, can exclude outsiders.
  • VICE notes on recent study suggesting the real estate market of Toronto is the most overvalued of world cities.

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: rent control, Toronto Islands, 401 Richmond, amalgamation

  • The Ontario government is not backing down on rent control despite impending conversions of real estate to condos.
  • blogTO notes this last heat wave has made the Toronto Islands superb, at last. I visited Sunday–visit while you can.
  • The 401 Richmond arts centre is getting tax relief, letting it function as a home for culture in a booming downtown.
  • Christopher Hume argues amalgamation, by undermining old power structures, made progress in Toronto impossible.

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: High Park Avenue, Union Station to Queens Quay, new condos

  • The mixture of high- and low-end real estate on High Park Avenue might be a model for Toronto. Tess Kalinowski reports.
  • There are quite a few different proposals for replacements of the streetcar linking Union Station to Queens Quay.
  • Edward Keenan argues that, however Union Station or Queens Quay are linked, the link should be funded adequately.
  • The Globe and Mail reports on how the arrival of rent control is leading to the early conversion of rental units to condos.