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[URBAN NOTE] Seven city links: Guelph, Innisfil, Montréal, Asbestos, Québec City, Alberta, Richmond

  • Guelph will be holding an open house to see what development will replace the Dolime Quarry. Global News reports.
  • The town of Innisfil has extended its Uber subsidy program for people in need of transit. Global News reports</u.
  • Archeologists in Montréal have found a mass grave of Irish famine victims. CTV reports.
  • The Québec town of Asbestos is changing its name so as to avoid the link, in English, with the toxic mineral. CTV reports.
  • A subway, alas, would be too big for Québec City. Streetcars would work better. Le Devoir reports.
  • Can a hyperloop be built to plug Edmonton together with Calgary? Global News considers.
  • Richmond, British Columbia, has unveiled a cultural harmony strategy to help its diverse population get along. The National Post reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Ottawa, Moncton, New York City, Calgary, Richmond

  • The Ottawa Citizen reports on the first week of the Confederation Line LRT.
  • The New Brunswick city of Moncton now has new affordable housing–20 units–for vulnerable people. Global News reports.
  • CityLab looks at one photographer’s perspective of the New York City skyline, changed by the 9/11 attacks.
  • An alleyway in Calgary is being transformed by art. Global News reports.
  • Birth tourism might become an election issue in the British Columbia city of Richmond. Global News reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Peterborough, Kingston, Québec City, Detroit, Richmond

  • Peterborough is facing a serious shortage of housing. Global News reports.
  • In Kingston, the restoration of the Bellevue House that was home to John A MacDonald continues. Global News reports.
  • The federal government will provide funding for the new streetcar route in Québec City. CTV News reports.
  • Will the Detroit television documentary series filmed by Anthony Bourdain see a release? One hopes.
  • Richmond, a Vancouver suburb home for decades to a substantial diaspora from Hong Kong, is deeply affected by the ongoing protests there. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Regina, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Masson-Angers, Richmond

  • Many of the old private clubs of Regina, including the Legion and ethnic community halls, are facing closure as their own user bases decline. Global News reports.
  • CityLab notes the questionable plausibility of the goal of the city of Milwaukee to create ten thousand affordable homes to ease its housing crunch.
  • Guardian Cities notes the significant threat posed by gentrification to poor, perhaps particularly African-American, neighbourhoods in Atlanta.
  • National Observer notes that the small Québec town of Masson-Angers, near Ottawa, has been transformed by the growth of the cannabis industry there.
  • This National Post article looks at the challenges facing the British Columbia city of Richmond, near Vancouver, in light of its Asian-majority population.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Richmond and Vancouver, San Jose, New York City, London, Bristol

  • Vancouver and its neighbor, Richmond, have each opted to adopt very different policies towards marijuana sale and use. The National Post reports.
  • CityLab notes the efforts of San Jose to build affordable housing for its teachers, and the opposition of many residents to this seemingly sensible move.
  • Guardian Cities shares a beautiful series of photos looking at the New York City skyline over time.
  • Metro reports that the opening of the first restaurant in London of Filipino fast food chain Jollibee’s saw huge lines.
  • Open Democracy features a fascinating interview on the subject of the English city of Bristol, as a place of creative resistance.

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: Leo Koury, cruising, Man’s Country, Mike Balaban, instagays

  • Hornet Stories tells of Leo Koury, a mobster who apparently kickstarted gay nigthclub life in the Virginia city of Richmond.
  • VICE shares an article on an exhibit at a Berlin museum looking at the history and sociology of cruising in public washrooms.
  • VICE features a tour of Man’s Country, a long-established Chicago bathhouse now closing after four decades.
  • Hornet Stories points to the Instagram account of Mike Balaban, “bammer47”, whose account is full of LGBTQ-relevant photos of personal and general relevance.
  • Khaleb El Khatib at VICE interviews some “instagays”, gay (or bi, or queer) Instagram users whose photos (including selfies) attract huge followings. What do we get out of them? What do they get out of it?

[URBAN NOTE] Five links about cities, from past Toronto and Richmond to future NYC and Barcelona

  • Scott Wheeler writes about past eminences of Toronto, people like Conn Smythe and Raymond Massey.
  • Joanna Slater writes in The Globe and Mail about the symbolism of Confederate–and other–statuary in Richmond, former capital of the South.
  • Reuters reports on a Vietnamese businessman abducted by his country from the streets of Berlin. Germany is unhappy.
  • Jeremiah Ross argues at VICE that very high levels of tourism in New York City are displacing native-born residents.
  • Looking to protests most recently in Barcelona, Elle Hunt in The Guardian looks at ways to make mass tourism more affordable for destinations.