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[URBAN NOTE] Twelve Toronto links (#toronto, #topoli)

  • Because of a lack of support from the University of Toronto, Ten Editions Bookstore on Spadina Avenue between College and Bloor has closed down permanently. blogTO reports.
  • Statler’s on Church Street, a popular Village bar known for its performance spaces, closed down suddenly on account of massive rent increases. blogTO reports.
  • The famed Coffee Time restaurant at Coxwell and Gerrard, subject of a documentary that looks at this affordable coffee place’s connections to locals, has closed down permanently. blogTO reports.
  • Gilbert Ngabo at the Toronto Star reports on how Torontonians now have now choice but to use the Presto card. My experiences reflect others’ in that things have been working out for me, so far.
  • GO Transit’s connections directly to York University have ceased in the wake of the subway extension, as promised. Many who depended on the direct link are unhappy that it is no longer being sustained. Global News reports.
  • This Toronto Sun article shares the call of a brother of a victim who died by suicide at a TTC station for more action to prevent such unfortunate events.
  • Steve Munro reports on the different challenges facing the TTC board in 2019.
  • Enzo DiMatteo at NOW Toronto makes the case that Toronto needs to continue to address gun violence as a public health issue if it is to control this plague.
  • A tall and skinny home in Riverdale that has gone on sale for $C 3 million has as many detractors as supporters. Global News reports.
  • CBC Toronto notes that the new nickname of the Economist for Toronto and its tech sector, “Maple Valley”, is not catching on with locals.
  • Marco Chown Oved at the Toronto Star shares the story of Don Sampson, a long-time resident of the Toronto Islands who faces losing the family home there because he cannot inherit the property from his brother.
  • The cast of the venerable Global Television drama Train 48, filmed on a GO Transit Lakeshore West train in 2003-2005, recently reunited. Global News reports.

[PHOTO] West from Broadview and Danforth, evening

West from Broadview and Danforth #toronto #evening #riverdale #broadviewave #danforth #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

February 14, 2018 at 10:00 am

[URBAN NOTE] “How Queen and Broadview’s small businesses are losing to gentrification”

The Globe and Mail‘s Brad Wheeler reports from Queen and Broadview, where the closure of hamburger restaurant Dangerous Dan’s signals the impending transformation of this Riverdale intersection.

The news this week that Dangerous Dan’s will close at the end of May hit Riversiders like a ton of ground beef. But while the venerable burger joint’s demise is a blow to the meat-loving masses, the restaurant’s passing is just another sign of the changing times at the junction of Queen and Broadview. For 18 years, from his window seat at the front of his bustling diner, Dangerous Dan’s owner James McKinnon has watched the corner gentrify, literally in front of his eyes. We got his grill-hot take on the morphing intersection.


Dangerous Dan’s (named after owner McKinnon’s grandfather) opened in 1999. Early in 2015, McKinnon put his business and lease up for sale. Corporate fast-food chain Pizza Nova bought the whole building, and now, after failing to come to a new lease agreement, McKinnon and his outrageous burger inventions (including such meat monstrosities as the Big Kevorkian and the Colossal Colon Clogger Combo) are leaving. Nearby, a new Korean fried chicken restaurant has opened. Kaboom Chicken attracts a crowd more hip than the blue-collar clientele of Dangerous Dan’s, but Mr. McKinnon never saw the eatery as competition. “The chains have half the market,” he says. “Little guys like me and Kaboom Chicken are just nibbling on the edges.” Speaking of chains, Pizza Nova released a statement this week saying it hadn’t decided on future plans for the corner location.

The other corners are covered, too.

Written by Randy McDonald

February 6, 2017 at 5:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] “Excessive film shoots at Riverdale home irks neighbours”

The Toronto Star‘s Holly Honderich notes controversy around film shoots at a Riverdale home.

Nightmare on Pape Ave.

That’s how one Riverdale resident describes the “excessive” number of film shoots that have taken place in the historic Toronto property next door.

The most recent one, the remake of Stephen King’s IT, has taken over the three-storey, nearly 130-year-old property right beside the home where Nick Shcherban lives with his family.

IT — based on a King novel of the same name — follows several children terrorized by an evil, shape-shifting monster that appears in the form of a demonic clown.

But according to Shcherban, a horror story is also playing out in real life.

“These (films) have been affecting the lives of the families in the neighbourhood,” Shcherban said.

“It looks like Universal Studios out there,” he added, referring to the trucks and crew members that have become a staple at the corner of Pape and Riverdale Aves, surrounding the property that was once used as a home for single mothers.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 16, 2016 at 4:00 pm

[NEWS] Four blogTO links on real estate in Toronto

  • Amy Grief noted that an east-end Toronto home, in Riverdale, was listed for sale at $C 1.
  • Located at 450 Pape Ave., this 25,000 square foot heritage property is in desperate need of a facelift – even in the listing photos, some of its walls are in pretty bad shape. According to Metro News, the current owners had plans to turn it into a 28-unit condominium, but are now looking to sell.

    Originally owned by William Harris, the property changed hands in the 1930s when the Salvation Army took it over and transformed it into a centre for single mothers.

    Back in 2010, the City of Toronto wanted to turn the 25,000 square foot property into affordable housing units for artists. This plan, however, never materialized.

  • Alana Charles profiled a sumptuous home in Wychwood Park, with photos, priced at just under $C 9 million.
  • Again with photos, Derek Flack noted how an old warehouse at Bathurst and Lake Shore is getting “upcycled”.
  • One of Toronto’s most interesting development projects is currently underway at Bathurst and Lake Shore as the former Loblaw Groceterias warehouse has been almost completely reduced to rubble to pave the way for a new grocery store and condo complex.

    To drive by heading south on Bathurst, it looks like many other projects of this type where an old building gives way to something new, but when you take a look at the south facade, you notice restoration work has been done on some sections of the old warehouse brick. It’s kind of piecemeal, but it hints at the next stages of this massive project.

    It’s surely an example of facadism, but the plan here is to tear down the existing building before reassembling the south and west faces of the structure brick by brick. An addition will then be placed on top and condos will rise above the north side of the former warehouse.

  • Finally, Derek Flack lists five up-and-coming neighbourhodos for artists: the Junction Triangle, Brockton Village, Regent Park, Carleton Village/Pelham Park, and my own Dovercourt Village.
  • [PHOTO] Looking at Bridgepoint Health, Toronto

    These photos of the Bridgepoint Hospital, taken during a traverse of Riverdale Park from West to East, do a much better job than last week’s photo of showing how remarkable the structure is.

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 1 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 2 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 3 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 4 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkeast

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 1 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 2 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 3 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkwest

    Looking at Bridgepoint, 4 #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdalepark #riverdaleparkeast

    Written by Randy McDonald

    November 9, 2015 at 10:03 am

    [PHOTO] Some photos from a walk east of the Don, Toronto

    Tuesday evening, I left home too late to do a full tour of the Don Valley, north from Queen Street East.I should be used to the diminution of the evening in fall by now, I know, but I didn’t quite. I rather travel by foot up through Riverdale side streets to first Dundas then Gerrard, cutting west across the Don river and the Don Valley Parkway before ending up in Riverdale Park.

    Sidewalk leaves, Munro Street #toronto #evening #autumn #munrostreet #riverdale

    Towers of evening #toronto #evening #autumn #munrostreet #riverdale

    Old and new #toronto #evening #autumn #gerrardstreet #riverdale #donjil

    Looking west down Dundas #toronto #evening #dundasstreet #dundasstreeteast

    North, DVP #toronto #dvp #evening #autumn #donvalleyparkway

    North, the Don in evening #toronto #donriver #don #dvp #evening #autumn #donvalleyparkway

    Transformers #toronto #dvp #electricity #transformers

    Towers of Regent Park, 2 #toronto #evening #autumn #gerrardstreet #regentpark

    Looking east #toronto #dvp #cabbagetown #riverdale #evening #autumn

    More to come from another exploration tomorrow.

    Written by Randy McDonald

    November 7, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    [PHOTO] Looking east at Bridgepoint Health from Riverdale Park West, Toronto

    Evening light #toronto #bridgepoint #riverdale #cabbagetown #evening #autumn

    Last yesterday evening, at the effective end of a walk paralleling the Don Valley up from Queen Street to past Gerrard, I stood in Riverdale Park West and looked east. Past the Don River, past the Don Valley Parkway, the new Bridgepoint Health shone oh so brightly in the evening light …

    … and I did not take a very good picture. My smartphone is adequate for daylight, but long shots in the late evening? I need to start bringing my actual camera around with me. Consider this a first sketch, perhaps, with better to come.

    Written by Randy McDonald

    November 4, 2015 at 12:01 pm