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[URBAN NOTE]Seven city links: Ottawa, Montréal, NYC, Calgary and Edmonton, Vancouver, Sao Paulo …

  • Ottawa mayor Jim Watson vows to vix the LRT Confederation Line. Global News reports.
  • Home-buyers in Montréal are having to buy outside of the city, in the West Island and even the mainland. The Montreal Gazette reports.
  • VICE looks at the legacy of Michael Stewart, a New York City graffiti artist famously killed in the 1980s, here.
  • The LRT projects in Calgary and Edmonton are currently facing terrible uncertainty thanks to new legislation. Global News reports.
  • New maps show the great damage that could be caused by sea level rise in Metro Vancouver. Global News reports.
  • Spacing reports on an amazing graphic novel biography of Sao Paulo.
  • Guardian Cities looks at the problematic gentrification of Soweto, here.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Montréal, Québec City, Asmara, São Paulo, Krakow

  • This Ryan Diduck article at CultMTL taking a look at the MUTEK electronic music festival and Never Apart, evoking what I suppose might be called midtown Montréal, is wonderfully evocative.
  • The mayor of Québec City wants to increase immigration to his metropolis, the better to deal with labour shortages. CBC reports.
  • Guardian Cities takes a look at the famously Italianate 1930s capital of Eritrea, Asmara. What future does it face as the country opens up?
  • Guardian Cities reports on how lethal being a graffiti artist can be in São Paulo.
  • This Dara Bramson article at Protocols sharing a first-hand perspective on the revival of Jewish life in Krakow is beautiful.

[URBAN NOTE] Five cities links: New York City, Caracas, Cape Town, Dallas, Tolyatti

  • That New York City is the safest big city in the United States, as Henry Goldman reports for Bloomberg, does not surprise me. When I was there last month, it felt safe, throughout, even at 11 o’clock at night in the middle of Brooklyn.
  • This brief article about the effects of the world-record high crime in Caracas terrifies me, and makes me feel very sorry for Venezuelans.
  • Cape Town may be facing water shortages, Craig Welch writes at National Geographic, but it is not alone. Los Angeles and São Paulo are also on this unhappy shortlist.
  • Tracey Lindeman argues at Motherboard that bike-sharing programs in cities like Dallas, where there has been no planning to make the city bike-friendly, are doomed to fail unless the work is put in.
  • Diana Karliner at Open Democracy takes a look at the plight of workers in Russia’s car industry, in its heartland of the city of Tolyatti.

[URBAN NOTE] Five world cities: Madrid, São Paulo, New York City, Jakarta, Ottawa and Montréal

  • This is a nice study of the life of some Latin American migrant communities in Madrid, over at the Inter Press Society.
  • Gentrification has driven the techno music of São Paulo from its haunts. VICE’s Noisey reports.
  • This New York Times study examining some potential fixes for the New York City subway system is illuminating.
  • Jakarta is particularly vulnerable to flooding, as a city at sea level facing subsidence. National Geographic reports.
  • Are home prices in Ottawa and Montréal starting to ascend sharply in the manner of Toronto and Vancouver? GLobal News reports.