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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links

  • Jamie Bradburn shares photos from his neighbourhood’s East Lynn Pumpkin Parade, here.
  • Sidewalk Labs is going to release details of all the data it wants to collect. The Toronto Star reports.
  • NOW Toronto reports on the controversy in the NDP riding association for Parkdale-High Park over the nomination, here.
  • There is a napping studio in Toronto, offering people the chance to nap for 25 minutes at $10 per nap. The National Post reports.
  • CBC reports on a film about Little Jamaica, a neighbourhood along Eglinton Avenue West that might be transformed out of existence, here
  • Daily Xtra looks at the legacy of the Meghan Murphy visit to Toronto.
  • Spacing notes that the Toronto Reference Library has a large collection of Communist newspapers available for visitors.
  • The idea of Metrolinx paying for the repair of damaged Eglinton Avenue does make a lot of intuitive sense. CBC reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Eight Toronto links

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Chinatown, neigthbourhoods, Port Lands, TTC maps, TTC open house

  • Downtown Pets and Aquarium has reopened, just south of its old Chinatown location. blogTO reports.
  • John Lorinc at Spacing writes about what Toronto should do as it moves towards an intensification of development in its neighbourhoods.
  • Blayne Haggart writes at The Conversation about how the Sidewalk Labs plan for the Port Lands in Toronto really should become an election issue.
  • Sean Marshall takes issue with some of the maps used by the TTC to advertise its different and varied routes.
  • Robert Mackenzie at the Transit Toronto blog notes that, on Saturday the 21st, the TTC will be hosting open houses at the Leslie Barns and Greenwood Yard.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: Y&E, shuttle, 1929 Labour Day, Liberty V, Port Lands, Chick-fil-A

  • Will a pedestrian death at Yonge and Eglinton lead to an easing of the nightmare for people faced with Eglinton Crosstown construction? blogTO ,a href=”https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/09/yonge-eglinton-construction-pedestrian-nightmare/”>reports.
  • An automated shuttle is set to pilot in 2020 in east-end Toronto. Global News reports.
  • Jamie Bradburn writes about the Labour Day celebrations in Toronto in 1929, here.
  • blogTO notes the construction of a much-needed pedestrian bridge in Liberty Village, here.
  • Guardian Cities notes official skepticism in Toronto over the Sidewalk Labs proposal in the Port Lands, here.
  • Andrew Wheeler, writing in the Toronto Star, notes that the appearance of institutionally homophobic Chick-fil-A just a few minutes walk from Church and Wellesley, poses a threat that needs to be fought.

[NEWS] Five science links: global warming, bees, Balsillie, backups, Neanderthals

  • New estimates suggest the costs of global warming will be in the tens of trillions of dollars, with warmer countries taking a particularly big hit. Motherboard reports.
  • Indigenous bumblebee populations in Canada are fast approaching extinction, with a certainty of major negative environmental effects. CBC reports.
  • MacLean’s reports on the return to prominence of Jim Balsillie, this time not so much as a tech mogul as a sort off tech skeptic.
  • This Motherboard article makes a somewhat far-fetched argument that Game of Thrones demonstrates the need for human civilization to have backups.
  • The Conversation reports on the recent discovery, in Serbia by a joint Serbian-Canadian team, of a Neanderthal tooth, and what this discovery means for our understanding of the deep past of humanity.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: winter, Ontario Place, architecture, TTC, film, tax

  • The Daily Hive Toronto notes that Toronto is definitely seeing more snow than normal this winter.
  • Urban Toronto notes that different levels of government are seeking public input into what to do with Ontario Place.
  • Richard Longley writes at NOW Toronto about the history and heritage of the now-demolish Davisville Public School.
  • This Canadian Architect article is an interview with architect Karim Khalifa, involved with Sidewalk Labs.
  • CBC reports on the many factors leading to unchecked fare evasion on the TTC.
  • Ryan Porter writes for the Canadian Press about how the booming Toronto film and television industry is facing a lack of studio space.
  • Edward Keenan writes at the Toronto Star about how increased property taxes are a perfectly workable solution to the revenue problems of Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Nine Toronto links: TTC, Mount Duff, parks, Sully’s, Six Points, heritage, Port Lands

  • NOW Toronto shares a report from an anonymous TTC fare evader who argues for free transit for the poorer of Toronto.</LI.
  • blogTO notes that the famous wintertime snow pile of the Dufferin Mall parking lot, Mount Duff, is back!
  • I am very pleased to learn of the impending plans to make the Humber Bay Shores Park better than ever. blogTO reports.
  • Neighbourhood establishment, Sully’s Boxing Gym, is facing eviction from its Dupont Street home in the very near future. Will it figure out a new deal with its landlord? Will it survive to make it to a new location? blogTO reports.
  • Transit Toronto notes that the infamous Six Points intersection of Etobicoke is going to be involved in a transit schedule-confusing transformation for the foreseeable future.
  • A house in Wallace Emerson just sold for $C 1.4 million, after just two days on the market. Toronto Life reports.
  • This plan to replace the old University of Toronto planetarium with a new establishment, at 90 Queen’s Park Crescent, of a mixed-use centre is certainly visually appealing. blogTO <a href="https://www.blogto.com/real-estate-toronto/2019/02/90-queens-park-u-of-toronto/
  • Richard Longley writes at NOW Toronto about the need of the city to preserve its heritage in all of its richnesses.
  • John Lorinc writes at Spacing about the issues revealed in Toronto and Ontario politics by the Sidewalk Labs adventure in the Port Lands.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: 200 Wellesley Street East, real estate, coops, Sidewalk Labs

  • This thread at Reddit’s unresolvedmysteries forum takes a look at a mysterious string of deaths at 200 Wellesley Street East. Like much of the best true crime writing out there, the discussion drills down into an examination of the forces leading to these tragedies. Recommended reading, this.
  • CBC reports on the exceptional difficulties facing prospective renters in the city of Toronto in finding housing.
  • blogTO notes that the housing crunch in Toronto is such that many Torontonians are doing their best to stay in place.
  • Diane Peters, writing at TVO, suggests Toronto may be poised for a boom in housing co-operatives.
  • Mariana Valverde writes at the CFE blog about how Toronto seems apparently unprepared at the official level for the Sidewalk Labs revenue grab.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: Umbrella Academy, TTC, trails, crime, Port Lands

  • Toronto Life includes photos of some of the most notable locations in the new Toronto-filmed TV series, The Umbrella Academy.
  • This report revealing the scale of fare evasion and losses due to Metrolinx malfunction on the TTC, in the area of $C 64 million, is unsurprising. Global News reports.
  • Sean Marshall reports on the new Canongate Trial in Scarborough, erected to help allow for safe pedestrian access to a street where a child was recently killed in a collision.
  • Urban Toronto looks at the state of the renovation of the Park Hyatt at Bloor and Avenue Road.
  • CBC reports that Bruce McArthur was linked, in 2013, to three of the men he was convicted six years later of murdering.
  • Bianca Wylie at Spacing considers the lessons Toronto should take from the unfolding Sidewalk Labs drama in the Port Lands.
  • This Metro Morning interview with Dan Doctoroff on the Sidewalk Labs’ plan for the Port Lands is revealing.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: homelessness, Port Lands, housing, Winter Stations, Cracked Wheat

  • There will be a new shelter for homeless youth in Scarborough soon, capable of housing several dozen people. CBC reports.
  • Christopher Hume at the Toronto Star suggests that much of the controversy, at least, over Google’s plans in the Port Lands is misjudged.
  • Tess Kalinowski at the Toronto Star shares some locally new ideas for increasing housing supply.
  • Winter Stations is back this winter at Ashbridge’s Bay! Global News reports.
  • Sarah Ratzlaff at Spacing interviews sculptor Shary Boyle about her new work, Cracked Wheat, on display in front of the Gardiner Museum.