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[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

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  • Africa is a Country looks at how Ethiopians interpret the 1966 visit of Haile Selassie to Jamaica.
  • The Building Blog depicts how a California town is literally being visibly distorted by seismic forces.
  • Bloomberg considers the import of Beyoncé’s debut of Lemonade on Tidal.
  • Bloomberg View notes how the China-Venezuela money-for-oil pact is failing and looks at the risks of being a Russian media mogul.
  • The Globe and Mail looks at the very high cost of internet in Nunavut.
  • MacLean’s looks at the Iran-Iraq War and examines Beyoncé’s Lemonade.
  • Universe Today notes how spaceflight apparently acts to accelerate aging.
  • Wired notes how much of Venezuela’s electricity shortage is the consequence of booming consumption in the good years.

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

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  • blogTO lists some old villages in Toronto swallowed up by urban expansion.
  • Centauri Dreams looks at the laser-launch proposal.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze considers the frequency of Neptune-class planets around metal-poor stars.
  • The Map Room Blog looks at the Vancouver Archives’ digitization of old maps.
  • Window on Eurasia suggests Russia is sponsoring paramilitaries in Germany and looks at underinvestment in Russia’s rail infrastructure.
  • The Financial Times‘ The World touches upon Donald Trump’s relationship with his mother’s Scotland.

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

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  • Bloomberg reports on how the weakening yen is hurting some Hong Kong retailers, notes how Chinese are visiting Hong Kong in the search for approved vaccines, and observes Brexit may not change British immigration much.
  • MacLean’s notes a court ruling which states the Confederate flag is inherently anti-American, and reports on the Swedish Tourist Association’s new campaign which offers people around the world the chance to talk to a random Swede.
  • Juan Cole at The Nation reports the exceptional unpopularity of Egypt’s transfer of two islands in the Gulf of Aqaba to Saudi Arabia.
  • National Geographic considers the concept of dam removal in parts of the United States.
  • Open Democracy examines the awkward position of Russian culture in the Ukrainian city of L’viv.
  • Science Daily notes findings suggesting that the genes which influence homosexuality are found in most people in the world, explaining why homosexuality is common.
  • The Toronto Star reports on a thankfully foiled, but still horrifying, suicide pact involving 13 young people in Attawapiskat, and notes Denmark’s turn against even people who help refugees.
  • Wired describes Yuri Milner’s proposal to use powerful lasers to launch very small probes to Alpha Centauri.

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

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  • Antipope Charlie Stross speculates about really good sexbots.
  • blogTO notes the opening of Toronto’s first Uniqlo in October.
  • Centauri Dreams looks at the proposal for a laser-launched flyby probe to Alpha Centauri.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze notes evidence for the collision of planetesimals around HD 61005.
  • The Dragon’s Tales links to a study suggesting deer on the outer islands of Scotland were purposefully transplanted there in the Neolithic.
  • Joe. My. God. reports on Paul Ryan’s categorical exclusion of any interest in the Republican nomination.
  • Language Hat reports on the discovery of ancient Chinese manuscripts written in bamboo dating back 2500 years.
  • The Planetary Society Blog notes stunning comet photos taken by Rosetta.
  • Towleroad notes that the governor of Mississippi has a gay son who left the state after being gay-bashed.
  • Window on Eurasia looks at the background of leaders of frozen conflict situations like the Donbas.

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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  • Acts of Minor Treason’s Andrew Barton writes about the deep, ineradicable, legacies of the past.
  • The Dragon’s Tales looks at China’s Shijian-10 reusable satellite.
  • Far Outliers notes the bloody naval tactics of the War of the Spanish Succession and looks at the plight of the post-war English sailors in the Caribbean.
  • Geocurrents explains why Muslims in Tatarstan are much less radicalized than their Chechen counterparts.
  • Language Hat looks at the 2002 Nobel lecture of Imre Kertész.
  • Marginal Revolution misreads talk of Brexit as political theatre.
  • Steve Munro looks at the ability of the TTC to absorb, or not, an influx of money from the federal government.
  • pollotenchegg maps various language minorities in Ukraine.
  • Window on Eurasia wonders if Putin’s new National Guard will affect Chechnya’s Kadyrov, and wonders if Putin is preparing to strike against oligarchs for the elections.

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

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  • Centauri Dreams imagines how a mission to Planet Nine might work.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze notes a literal gap in our mapping of nearby brown dwarfs.
  • The Dragon’s Tales analyzes the makeup of Saturn’s moon Tethys.
  • The Everyday Sociology Blog offers advice on resume writing for sociology majors.
  • Joe. My. God. notes Bruce Springsteen’s cancellation of a North Carolina concert in solidarity with queer people there.
  • The Map Room Blog maps exposure to lead across the United States.
  • Marginal Revolution wonders why American mobility is declining.
  • Window on Eurasia notes Moscow’s approach to conflict resolution involves setting up frozen conflicts, and looks at the new Iran-Russia rail corridor running through Azerbaijan.

[BLOG] Some science links

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  • Centauri Dreams looks at the nascent planets of HL Tauri, notes the water ice mountains of Titan, and notes the implications of red dwarfs for SETI searches.
  • Discover‘s The Crux looks at the moving frontiers of nuclear fusion research.
  • D-Brief suggests the Moon has a critical influence on Earth’s magnetic field and notes a new effort to track down the Wow signal in two of our solar system’s comets.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze notes that 55 Cancri e is likely a lava world and looks at starless planet PSO J318.5338−22.8603.
  • The Dragon’s Tales studies the magic islands of Titan’s Ligeia Mare and notes that world’s ethane cycle.
  • The Map Room Blog shares new maps of Switzerland and a gravity map of Mars.
  • The Planetary Society Blog’s Emily Lakdawalla reports on Ceres, while elsewhere the massive cuts to the Russian space budget are explored.

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