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[URBAN NOTE] Three Toronto links: housing prices, Relief Line, Burtynsky at the AGO

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  • blogTO reports the obvious, that housing prices in Toronto are expected to continue to boom over the next decade despite this brief lull.
  • There has finally been an official Request for Proposal for a new TTC relief line arcing across the southeast of the downtown. blogTO has it.
  • I am incredibly excited by news of an upcoming exhibition of Edward Burtynsky’ work, Anthropocene, at the AGO in September 2018. NOW Toronto reports.

[NEWS] Four links: Ryerson poverty, Scarborough subway, G20 kettling, mapping the war dead of Canada

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  • Ryerson University students’ dependence on food banks only says terrible things about Toronto, higher education, and income inequality. CBC reports.
  • John Michael McGrath at TVO notes that the Scarborough subway simply cannot make sense as an economic transit project.
  • The rampant insincerity I am not only in detecting from the Toronto police service in the aftermath of the 2010 G20 kittling incident surely cannot serve them well. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Cartographer Patrick Cain maps the war dead of Canada, in cities across the country and in multiple conflicts. The sheer density of the dead is eye-opening. The maps are at Global News.

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: new TTC stations, Davenportage on Davenport, Lawrence West, Trump

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  • Transit Toronto notes that, on the 28th, three new TTC stations will be open for visitors.
  • Samantha Beattie describes Davenportage, a recent exploration of Davenport Road’s past as a portage route, at the Toronto Star.
  • Edward Keenan talks about how the Lawrence West SmartTrack station can be made a success, over at the Toronto Star.
  • The Toronto Star reports on how Donald Trump was the only person to profit from the former Trump Tower in Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Videoflicks, ghost service, Rob Ford football, parks, real estate

  • blogTO notes that video rental store Videoflicks, on Avenue Road, is set to close down.
  • The TTC, blogTO notes, has begun “ghost service” on its half-dozen new subway stations.
  • Edward Keenan thinks that we may as well name a football stadium after Rob Ford. Why not? If it makes Ford Nation feel better …
  • Spacing Toronto features John Lorinc looking at how community parks organizations, like at Ramsden, can exclude outsiders.
  • VICE notes on recent study suggesting the real estate market of Toronto is the most overvalued of world cities.

[URBAN NOTE] Three notes about the future of mass transit and infrastructure in Toronto

  • blogTO notes an exciting open house on the 28th of October for three of the new University Line subway stations.
  • Alex Bozikovic praises the architectural innovation behind the new stations on the Eglinton Crosstown line.
  • Christopher Hume’s argument (from August) that Toronto will, despite itself, have to invest in its future works.

[URBAN NOTE] Four TTC links: buses, a date for Line 1 opening, Athanasopoulos transfer collectors

  • CBC reports that the different express bus routes set up by the TTC have had more riders than expected.
  • Steve Munro finds there’s much to be concerned about with the way the TTC bought some new electric buses.
  • blogTO notes that the new western extension of the Line 1, into Vaughan, has a set opening date: December 17.
  • The sheer display of TTC fandom displayed by the Athanasopoulos siblings, collectors of transfers, is awesome. The Toronto Star reports.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 6, 2017 at 7:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on mass transit struggles and poor planning and demolition in Toronto

  • Edward Keenan observes that Toronto is a city that, rather than plan, prefers to make deals.
  • Jennifer Pagliaro notes how recently departed planner Jennifer Keesmaat tried to stop the ill-judged Scarborough subway extension.
  • Steve Munro updates his readers on the slow progress on streetcar service on the Queensway.
  • blogTO has a photo essay looking at past demolition practice in Toronto. Who does it, and how?

Written by Randy McDonald

September 2, 2017 at 6:00 pm