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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links

  • Transit Toronto celebrates the life of photographer John Bromney, here.
  • blogTO explains, with photos, the cause of the subway shutdown on Line 1 Wednesday night.
  • blogTO notes that the TTC wants to create five transit corridor for buses, including one on Dufferin Street.
  • Toronto is apparently the top tech city in Canada. blogTO reports.
  • John Lorinc at Spacing considers what affordable housing actually is, especially in the context of real-world constraints less generous than often imagined.
  • The displaced residents of Gosford have seen nothing from their apartment block’s owners about housing options. Global News reports.
  • The TTC plans to have even more subway closures in 2020 than in 2019. Global News reports.

[PHOTO] Four photos of Downsview Park subway station

Downsview Park subway station is impressive, spacious in the right ways. If only it was more heavily used!

Downsview Park (1) #toronto #ttc #subway #downsviewpark #architecture

Downsview Park (2) #toronto #ttc #subway #downsviewpark #architecture

Downsview Park (3) #toronto #ttc #subway #downsviewpark #architecture

Downsview Park (4) #toronto #ttc #subway #downsviewpark #architecture

Written by Randy McDonald

December 2, 2019 at 9:45 am

[PHOTO] Five photos taken on an early morning trip to Gate 20, Union Station

"Love Me Till I'm Me Again", from the east, 5:36 am #toronto #wallaceemerson #galleria #thrushholmes #lovemetillimmeagain #pylon #neon #black #sign #night

Looking north up the aisle of the stationary southbound train, St. George, 5:56 am #toronto #ttc #subway #stgeorge #stgeorgestation #train #aisle #morning

Train departing, 6:05 am #toronto #ttc #subway #platform #unionstation

Gift card #toronto #unionstation #viarail #giftcard

Gate/Porte 20 #toronto #unionstation #viarail #gate20 #train50 #guildwood #oshawa #cobourg #belleville #kingstonon #smithsfalls #fallowfield #ottawa #sign

Written by Randy McDonald

November 29, 2019 at 8:45 am

[PHOTO] Looking west, Dufferin Station

Looking west #toronto #ttc #subway #dufferin #dufferinstation #tunnel

Written by Randy McDonald

November 28, 2019 at 10:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Nine Toronto links

  • Metrolinx using paid influencers to promote the Ontario Line is certainly a choice. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Union Station retiring an old mechanical system 90 years old used to control TTC vehicles is a landmark event. The Metrolinx blog reports.
  • Jamie Bradburn looks at the birth of the Gardiner Expressway, here.
  • Alok Mukherjee at Spacing questions why police in Toronto have stopped enforcing traffic regulations.
  • Protesters charged with blocking the Bloor Viaduct during the Extinction Rebellion have had the charges dropped. Global News reports.
  • Sean Marshall shared his account of his address to the Toronto Police Services board, here.
  • Jamie Bradburn looks at the history behind the mid-20th century expansion of Church Street.
  • NOW Toronto notes that workers at the Broadview Hotel have become unionized.
  • Samantha Lui writes at NOW Toronto against the false negative stereotypes applied by so many–even briefly by Google–to Scarborough.
  • CBC notes that a lawsuit surrounding benefits fraud by TTC employees has been settled, expensively.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Montréal links

  • Renovating the Oratoire St. Joseph will surely be costly. CTV News reports.
  • CBC Montreal looks back to when the Montreal Expos seemed like they might not be bought.
  • Le Devoir notes how, in Québec, the Liberals are concentrated on the islands of Montreal and in Laval, in their fortress.
  • An old Montreal metro car has been repurposed as a hangout for Polytechnique students. CBC reports
  • CBC Montreal reports on the proposal of Matt McLauchlin to name a plaza at Frontenac metro station after murdered activist Joe Rose. I like the idea.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links

  • I do hope Toronto does something with the abandoned foot court on Queen West and John. blogTO reports.
  • blogTO looks at the new Villiers Island set to occupy the mouth of the Don River in the Port Lands.
  • An Ossington laneway is going to be repainted after a botched improvement project destroyed its public art. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Steve Munro fisks a defense by the Toronto Board of Trade of the proposed Ontario Line, here.
  • Andrew Cash, sadly not elected in my riding of Davenport, writes in the Toronto Star about the importance of Toronto having active local MPs.
  • National Observer looks at how the City of Toronto is encouraging residents grow gardens for pollinators.
  • Samantha Edwards writes at NOW Toronto about how the long-closed Paradise on Bloor theatre is set to reopen in December.