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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Lower Bay, housing, Villiers Island, Saigon Flower, Little Jamaica

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  • blogTO reports on an upcoming concert scheduled for the TTC’s Lower Bay station on the 11th of March.
  • A new student residence for Ryerson University with prices actually comparable to prevailing rents for a studio apartment downtown seems like not the best solution to student housing issues. blogTO reports.
  • The upcoming formation of a new island, Villiers Island off the mouth of the Don, as part of the Port Lands renewal is very cool. blogTO reports.
  • Julien Gignac writes at the Toronto Star about the Saigon Flower, a Vietnamese restaurant on Queen Streeet West in the shadow of the Drake with an owner who refuses to sell. I have eaten there, and enjoyed it; I applaud her.
  • The disruption being inflicted on Little Jamaica, an enclave stretching along an Eglinton Avenue West being disrupted by Crosstown construction, is sad. Is there any alternative, though, if we want more transit? What can be done for the neighbourhood? The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: U Pass, #ossingtonbae, Hotel X, marijuana, TTC fraud

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  • A poster put up by a man who wanted to reconnect with another guy he saw at Ossington station has gone viral. This has the potential to be quite a cute story, I’d say. blogTO reports.
  • The TTC has approved the creation of a new monthly pass program for post-secondary students, subject to approval at different universities and colleges in the city. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Hotel X, at Exhibition Place, is now open for business. Good news that it’s finally open, but bad news that such an ugly tower still mars the area’s skyline. blogTO reports.
  • NOW Toronto’s Samantha Edwards notes the strong possibility that marijuana smoking will be prohibited in condos come legalization. This makes sense: why wouldn’t marijuana smoking be treated like tobacco smoking?
  • Toronto Life reports on a massive fraud case involving TTC workers submitting fraudulent claims for orthotics. As described, I can almost believe that some of the hundreds of workers who fired did not quite know that what they were doing was fraud.

[PHOTO] Four drawings by Aba Bayefsky of Yonge subway construction, 1949 (#tdgallery)

The TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library downtown has a nice little show on, Toronto Revealed, featuring artworks depicting the Toronto streetscape from the mid-20th century up to the present. Most of the works are paintings–good paintings, I might add–but my attention was particularly caught by a set of four drawings, in pen and ink, done in 1949 by Aba Bayefsky, depicting the construction of the Yonge line.

Yonge Street Subway, Shuter Street Stop, 1949 #toronto #torontorevealed #tdgallery #ababayefsky #torontoreferencelibrary #yongestreet #subway #latergram

Yonge Street Subway, Front Street, Breaking out Hydro Cables, 1949 #toronto #torontorevealed #tdgallery #ababayefsky #torontoreferencelibrary #yongestreet #subway #latergram

Yonge Street Subway, Working Underground, 1949 #toronto #torontorevealed #tdgallery #ababayefsky #torontoreferencelibrary #yongestreet #subway #latergram

Yonge Street Subway, Excavation by Shovel, 1949 #toronto #torontorevealed #tdgallery #ababayefsky #torontoreferencelibrary #yongestreet #subway #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

March 20, 2018 at 9:16 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: budgets, mass transit, Google, public space, cherry blossoms

  • Steve Munro at Torontoist notes the serious medium-term budget problems likely to face the city of Toronto.
  • Oliver Moore notes the new federal/provincial partnership that will make $C 9 billion available for mass transit in Toronto, including a priority for funding the Downtown Relief Line. The Globe and Mail has it.
  • There are risks that come with inviting Google to become part of the infrastructure of Toronto. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Gilbert Ngapo notes that people have until the end of the month to send proposals to the Public Space Initiative. More places like the Bentway would be lovely. Metro Toronto has it.
  • I will, of course, be there in High Park to watch the cherry blossoms. blogTO reports.

[PHOTO] Looking north across the Humber from track level, east of Old Mill

Looking north across the Humber from track level #toronto #humberriver #ttc #subway #oldmill

Written by Randy McDonald

March 8, 2018 at 10:30 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Canada city links: Saint John, Montréal, Hamilton, Calgary

  • The rest of Saint John, New Brunswick, to have the provincial government authorize a study on municipal amalgamation has been turned down. Global News reports.
  • Some old cars from the Montréal Métro are going on display as part of two exhibits. Global News reports.
  • Montréal ranks second in a ranking of the top cities for millennials, all things considered. (Toronto is in the top 10.) Global News reports.
  • A crackdown on payday loan establishments in Hamilton has been followed by a request that banks and other traditional lenders please consider their payday clients. Global News reports.
  • Quite honestly, the argument made here that Calgary is destined to host the 2026 Olympics is actually convincing. Global News reports.

[PHOTO] Three photos from Kipling Station, Etobicoke

Kipling Station, located in the neighbourhood of Islington-City Centre West in the old Toronto borough of Etobicoke is the western terminus of the Bloor-Danforth subway line. People who want to travel any further from the downtown have to leave, have to take a bus like the 192 Airport Rocket or have to cross over to the connected Kipling GO Station to take advantage of regional transit.

Once I got out of Kipling station to the passenger drop-off area Sunday and took a looking around the neighbourhood, becoming steadily denser over time, what struck me was the neighbourhood’s contrasts, its irregular development. Towering condo developments lie interspersed with large areas of low-rise development or no-rise, like the mazes of electrical wiring overhead or the flatness of rail routes and roads like Kipling Avenue. There is space here, space that will be filled soon but has not yet been fully taken over. This is a marked contrast to the downtown Toronto neighbourhoods I’m most personally familiar with.

Around Kipling (1) #toronto #etobicoke #islingtoncitycentrewest #kipling #ttc #latergram//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Around Kipling (2) #toronto #etobicoke #islingtoncitycentrewest #kipling #ttc #condos #tower #skyline #latergram

Around Kipling (3) #toronto #etobicoke #islingtoncitycentrewest #kipling #ttc #gotransit #rail #wires #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

February 19, 2018 at 10:30 am