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[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Milton, Hamilton, New York City, Mexico City, Tel Aviv

  • MacLean’s reports from the GTA suburban city of Milton, a key battleground in the federal election.
  • Hamilton police continues to be caught up in controversy over its handling of Pride. Global News reports.
  • CityLab profiles new murals being created in New York City’s Harlem, on 125th street, here.
  • Guardian Cities considers some ambitious plans for remodeling Mexico City, with vast new neighbourhoods and airports, which never came off.
  • Atlas Obscura looks at a notable library of books and other documents in the Yiddish language, housed out of a decrepit bus terminal in Tel Aviv.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Oshawa, Halifax, Porto, Tel Aviv, Tehran

  • MacLean’s looks at Dan Carver, mayor of Oshawa. Can this man, who overcame a very rough early adulthood, help the city survive the end of its automotive sector?
  • A park in Halifax has been named in honour of murdered LGBTQ activist Raymond Taavel. Global News reports.
  • Open Democracy notes how the rapid spread of rental accommodations in Porto, the second city of Lisbon, is threatening permanent residents with the loss of their homes.
  • CityLab notes how activists in Tel Aviv are trying to save the ficus trees planted along major avenues decades ago from mass transit construction.
  • Guardian Cities looks at how a lack of effective planning threatens to make Tehran unlivable for most of its residents.