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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Toronto Monopoly, signs, public art, Portlands, Union Station

  • blogTO notes that there is, for a short while, a Toronto-themed version of Monopoly available for sale.
  • The iconic Toronto sign in front of City Hall is set to be replaced with a more cost-effective one. The Toronto Star reports.
  • I like the controversial statue of a man 25 feet tall placed in front of a new condo development on St. Clair Avenue West. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The National Post reports in depth of the plans of Google’s Sidewalk Labs to transform the Portlands.
  • Sean Marshall looks at how the concrete barriers put up in front of Union Station disrupt, particularly, non-car traffic there.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Scotiabank, Parkdale, Integral House, Queen Video, #TinyTown

  • blogTO shared the remarkable news that the Scotiabank Theatre, on John south of Queen, is set to be replaced by a condo development.
  • Emily Mathieu at the Toronto Star reports on how a trust in Parkdale bought a rooming house for the benefit of tenants there.
  • The world-famous Integral House in Rosedale is on sale for more than $C 20 million. blogTO reports.
  • Norm Wilner at NOW Toronto notes how the Criterion Channel is in no position to immediately replace the broad selections of now-departed Queen Video.
  • Francine Kopun reports at the Toronto Star about the sad state of the Tiny Town, the miniature scale model in the atrium of Toronto City Hall.

[PHOTO] Twelve photos of Nathan Phillips Square on Christmas Eve

Nathan Phillips Square at night looks lovely, perhaps especially at Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Into Nathan Phillips Square #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #latergram

Pillars #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #pillar #latergram

Arches (1) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #arch #latergram

Arches (2) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #arch #latergram

Toronto City Hall #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #christmastree #latergram

Arches (3) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #arch #latergram

Christmas tree #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #christmastree #latergram

Christmas tree (2) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #christmastree #latergram

Arches (4) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #arch #latergram

Christmas tree (4) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #christmastree #latergram

Selfie by tree #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #christmastree #me #selfie #latergram

Arches (5) #toronto #torontocityhall #nathanphilipssquare #night #christmas #christmaseve #arch #oldcityhall #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

December 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm

[PHOTO] A Bird’s Eye View of Toronto’s Downtown, from the northwest

This three-dimensional model of the city of Toronto, here photographed from the direction of the northwest, is a favourite thing for me to see whenever I visit Toronto City Hall. No matter that it is nearly three decades out of date, the tangible texture of this model and the obvious care for detail that went into its creation remain appealing.

A Bird's Eye View of Toronto's Downtown, from the northwest #toronto #nbto18 #nuitblanche #torontocityhall #3d #model #map

Written by Randy McDonald

September 30, 2018 at 9:15 am

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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: election gerrymandering, Doug Ford, TOcore, GO Transit to Muskoka

  • Marco Chown Oved notes that the effect of a 25-seat Toronto City Council would be gerrymandering, to marginalize downtown voters in favour of pro-Ford suburban voters. The Toronto Star has it.
  • David Rider and Jennifer Pagliaro note that, while challenges to the 25-seat City Council might be possible, the legal arguments would be difficult. The strongest might be to make the point that such big changes on such short notice would imperil the election process. The Toronto Star has it.
  • John Lorinc notes at Spacing that, as Doug Ford enacts his changes, we have to pay attention to the minutiae and not get distracted by political infighting.
  • Urban Toronto notes the new TOcore program hoping to manage growth in the downtown.
  • Narcity explores the details of a new route GO Transit is creating to let Torontonians travel to the Muskokas on public transit.

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on 420 in Toronto

  • The organizers of the 420 event in front of City Hall are not seeking a permit. blogTO reports.
  • The strip mall neighbours of Toronto’s new Ontario Cannabis Store, on Gerrard, are not necessarily happy with their new neighbour. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Edward Keenan makes the point that, yes, of course the Ontario Cannabis Store will be near schools given the sheer density of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. The Toronto Star has it.
  • Samantha Edwards at NOW Toronto highlights some of the best 420 events in Toronto on this, the last 420 before legalization, here.
  • Kieran Delemont at NOW Toronto considers the ways in which cannabis legalization could affect indigenous communities in Canada, here.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Industry Street and York, Parkdale condos, Tories, Black Friday

  • Daniel Rotsztain writes about how Industry Street in the old city of York is becoming the heart of a new sort of inner suburb stretch, over in The Globe and Mail.
  • NOW Toronto looks at some of the massive new condo developments scheduled to develop in Parkdale in the next few years. This neighbourhood will not look the same. More here.
  • The Tories’ project for Toronto, involving massive investment in subways, looks nice. Is it? The Toronto Star has more.
  • I agree entirely with Edward Keenan’s argument about how Toronto City Hall should be open to everyone. The article is at the Toronto Star, here.
  • Black Friday was as huge as you’d expect in Toronto this year. The Toronto Star reports here.

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: TTC noise, West Queen West taxes, terrorism, financial sector

  • Global News notes one report suggesting high levels of noise on the TTC could cause hearing loss.
  • Massive tax increases linked to development are now subjecting West Queen West to the possibility of being developed out of existence, at least for many of its businesses. blogTO reports.
  • This report suggesting architectural and other design changes to Toronto City Hall, to protect against terrorism, is saddening. The Toronto Star has it.
  • More than 7% of employment in Toronto is linked to the financial sector. Will this city become a truly major international hub, I wonder? The Globe and Mail reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Three Toronto notes: Neo-Nazis at Nathan Phillips, Toronto suburb photos, Yonge Street

  • So, the other day neo-Nazis had a demonstration in Nathan Phillips Square. Torontoist reports.
  • These photos from Toronto suburbs at their apogee, part of an exhibit at the Archives, are a must-see, here at Toronto Life.
  • This older CBC article noting two women who hiked up Yonge Street makes me think of projects in the days to come.

[LINK] Four links on First Nations and their issues in Canada