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[PHOTO] Panorama, looking west and up, Toronto Coach Terminal

Panorama, looking west and up #toronto #torontocoachterminal #architecture #stairs #googlephotos #panorama

Written by Randy McDonald

November 21, 2019 at 11:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Toronto Coach Terminal, food banks, dogs, TTC, parties

  • Tanya Mok at blogTO shares a vintage short film from 1970 at the Toronto Coach Terminal, “Depot.”
  • The shortages of food in Toronto food banks are terrible. CBC Toronto reports.
  • Dogs will be free to swim in select City of Toronto swimming pools this weekend. CBC Toronto reports.
  • I will have to look for these TTC floor stickers installed at St. George station. blogTO reports.
  • Richard Trapunski leads a roundtable discussion at NOW Toronto about the challenges facing party promoters in a gentrifying Toronto.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: Toronto Coach Terminal, Metrolinx, TTC and subways, tech

  • Christopher Hume at the Toronto Star writes movingly about the neglect of the beautiful Toronto Coach Terminal. This building deserves better.
  • Ben Spurr at the Toronto Star notes the willingness of Metrolinx to turn customers’ Presto data over to the police, even without warrants.
  • Transit Toronto notes that surveying for the extension of the Yonge subway line north from Finch has begun.
  • Metrolinx has gone on the record as saying that the Downtown Relief Line, relieving pressure on the Yonge line, must open before a northwards extension of Yonge into Richmond Hill. The Toronto Star has it.
  • The Globe and Mail reports that, after rising numbers of suicide attempts, the TTC is going to redouble anti-suicide measures.
  • Toronto is becoming a growing centre of the tech industry, the Toronto Star reports, tech sector growth driving the wider provincial economy.

[PHOTO] Three photos of the Toronto Coach Terminal (#torontocoachterminal)

Atrium #toronto #torontocoachterminal #architecture #atrium

Towards the concessions #toronto #torontocoachterminal #architecture #atrium

Busy #toronto #torontocoachterminal #architecture

I am off for four days to Montréal for some adventures with friends new and old. You will here, and see, more of this in the future.

For now, here are some photos of the venerable Toronto Coach Terminal. These were not taken in the eastern half of the building by Bay Street, but in the newer more functional half. still, in this space’s openness and business, I see much that is attractive.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 2, 2018 at 10:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: King Street, Regal Heights, Eglinton LRT, Toronto Coach Terminal

  • Steve Munro takes a look at early statistics on the King Street transit experiments.
  • CBC notes how some neighbourhood residents in Regal Heights used leaves and chalk to redesign the flow of traffic at an intersection.
  • blogTO shares impressive photos of the deep mine-like excavations made for some of the Eglinton LRT stations.
  • NOW Toronto talks about the efforts to revamp the Toronto Coach Terminal, a lovely old building downtown, in an era of changing transit flows.

[URBAN NOTE] Four transit notes: King Street, bike lanes, Toronto Islands ferries, Coach Terminal

  • Transit Toronto reports on how King, from Bathurst through to Jarvis, has been made a street where transit–streetcars, particularly–has priority.
  • CBC notes that, by the standards of other peers, Toronto lags behind in the implementation of bike lanes.
  • The venerable old ferries which link Toronto to the Toronto Islands are set to be retired. Farewell, noble boats. CBC reports.
  • I quite like the idea of seeking out plans to make the Toronto Coach Terminal new again. It might be overlooked these days, but it does have lovely bones. The Toronto Star reports.

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

  • blogTO looks back to see when Yonge and Dundas was cool.
  • James Bow is decidedly unimpressed about Toronto’s ever-shifting plans for mass transit.
  • Joe. My. God. notes the opposition of Pope Francis to Italy’s civil unions bill.
  • Language Log notes Hong Kong’s mixture of Cantonese and English, and shares a bit of pop music.
  • Personal Reflections’ Jim Belshaw wonders if Australia has peaked in the 1970s and 1980s, if its originality ended then.
  • Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Science Blog shares XKCD’s charting of the spaces for undiscovered but possible planets in our solar system.
  • The Russian Demographics Blog notes that the Ukrainian population is continuing to decline.
  • Spacing Toronto examines the history of the Toronto Coach Terminal.
  • Transit Toronto suggests that current mass transit plans evoke Transit City, the difference being that Transit City would be substantially done by now.