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[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links

  • NOW Toronto reports on the long-time independent weekly’s sale to a venture capital firm, here.
  • The Yonge-Eglinton Centre now hosts a venue where people can nap in peace. Toronto Life has photos, here.
  • The family of North York van attack victim Anne-Marie D’Amico hopes to raise one million dollars for a women’s shelter. The National Post reports.
  • Toronto Community Housing, after a terrible accident, has banned its tenants from having window air conditioners. Global News reports.
  • blogTO reports on the ridiculous heights to which surge pricing took ride fares on Uber and Lyft during yesterday morning’s shutdown.
  • blogTO notes that the Ontario government has provided funding to study the idea of extension of the Eglinton Crosstown west to Pearson Airport.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: 1932 streetcar map, Oakwood, Graphic Arts, evictions, Lil Berete

  • Artist Jake Berman’s map of the Toronto streetcar network circa 1932 is a thing of beauty. r/Toronto has it.
  • Urban Toronto takes a look at a new midrise condo development on Oakwood near Eglinton.
  • CBC Toronto notes the complaints of tenants at the Graphic Arts building on Richmond and Bay that people in an adjoining condo tower keep flicking garbage onto their building.
  • What effect would the Ford government’s proposal to streamline the process of landlords evicting tenants have, overall? The Toronto Star considers.
  • NOW Toronto reports that rising Toronto rapper Lil Berete, from Regent Park, has been ordered to stop filming his videos at the Toronto Community Housing project he shares with his mother on pain of eviction.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Galleria Mall, Keesmaat on Gardiner, anti-Ford, TTC, housing

  • blogTO highlights a fascinating new book project by Toronto writer Shari Kasman, assembling a hundred photos of the beloved Galleria Mall.
  • Chris Selley notes how the promise of mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat to tear down the eastern Gardiner speaks directly to her progressive supporters, over at the National Post.
  • The Conversation hosts this well-reasoned article arguing that the City of Toronto must keep resisting the Ford government’s intrusions.
  • Steve Munro has many questions about the idea of a takeover of the TTC by the Ontario government.
  • That more than three thousand people joined a lottery for less than one hundred apartments at the new Toronto Community Housing location at 110 River Street speaks to the new for affordable housing in Toronto. Global News reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Doug Ford, elections, Garrison Crossing, TCH smoke free, streets

  • The City Council of Toronto, out of all the cities councils in all of the cities in Ontario, was the only one targeted for such a sharp reduction in councilors. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Alexandra Flynn at Spacing reports on some legal strategies that could be brought to bear by the City of Toronto against the Doug Ford actions.
  • blogTO notes a new pedestrian crossing, the Garrison Crossing, bridging the rail lines west of Fort York.
  • The new smoke-free policy of Toronto Community Housing will also apply to marijuana smoke. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Christopher Hume considers, in an era where cars and their drivers compete with other users of our major streets, just what does make a street successful. The Toronto Star has it.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Vimy Ridge Avenu, Community Housing, GO Transit, Toronto police

  • The midtown Toronto street formerly known as Vimy Ridge Ave was renamed in 1928 because that First World War battle simply had not penetrated the Canadian consciousness. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Toronto Community Housing is going to sell off high-value real estate it owns while apparently not inconveniencing its tenants. The Globe and Mail reports.
  • Metrolinx is still going to approve two new GO Transit stations, Kirby and Lawrence East, despite apparent political interference. The Toronto Star reports.
  • It did take the murder of well-connected, out, white Andrew Kinsman to get police to take the idea of a serial killer seriously. What police told the family of Abdulbasir Faizi is unforgiveable. Global News reports.
  • Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is lying about the lack of active community concern about the possibility of a serial killer at work in Church and Wellesley, and is underplaying the incompetence of Toronto police and his own role. What else can we say? The Globe and Mail covers this.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Allan Gardens, history of the streets, crime, TCH

  • blogTO notes an exciting plan for the revitalization of Allan Gardens.
  • Torontonians have been complaining about the state of our streets for well over a century, as the Toronto Star notes.
  • CBC notes that investigating a serial killer case, as the Bruce McArthur case seems to be, without having any bodies, makes it difficult but still (especially with modern forensics) potentially workable.
  • Toronto police have confirmed that Barry and Honey Sherman, Toronto billionaires, were murdered. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The ombudsman review of the state of Toronto Community Housing speaks ill of that organization’s ability to adequately house its tenants. The Toronto Star goes into detail.

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on the housing market in Toronto, from TCH to Parkdale to investors

  • In an old NOW Toronto article from March, Lisa Ferguson writes about how a neighbourhood land trust hopes to control prices in Parkdale.
  • The Globe and Mail‘s Jill Mahoney and Justin Giovannetti note a recent study suggesting that less than 5% of home sales in the Toronto area are to foreign buyers.
  • The Globe and Mail‘s Carolyn Ireland notes that, in a fluctuating market, homeowners are caught between pressures to buy and to sell.
  • NOW Toronto‘s Sheila Block argues that, among others, the Bank of Canada needs to prepare for a housing crash.
  • The Toronto Star‘s Jennifer Pagliaro notes that Toronto Community Housing has been ordered to close no more units. No word on where the money will come from.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 5, 2017 at 5:45 pm