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[ISL] Five islands links: Toronto Islands, Cape Verde, Iceland, Ireland, Hainan

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  • blogTO shares ten facts about the Toronto Islands.
  • Roads and Kingdoms reports on the experience of eating Cape Verdean cachupa in Lisbon.
  • The SBS reports on the facts making Iceland arguably the best country on the Earth in which to be a woman.
  • This extended Politico Europe article examining the consequences of a united Ireland, and the lack of preparation for such a now imaginable possibility, is still worth reading.
  • Is Hainan emerging as a test-bed for more liberal policies for China? QZ reports.

[ISL] Five islands links: Toronto Islands, South Georgia, Haida Gwaii, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia

  • The Toronto Islands are open for business this year, hopefully without any hitches. (Let there not be unexpected flooding.) Global News reports.
  • The sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia has been freed from rat infestations, helping native life recover. National Geographic reports.
  • Killing invasive deer on Haida Gwaii is the task of recruited sharpshooters from New Zealand. MacLean’s reports.
  • Controversy over a new museum to slavery on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe draws on all sorts of political and cultural and economic issues besetting the territory. The Atlantic reports.
  • The exact language of the question to be asked of voters in the New Caledonia referendum on independence, coming this year, is a critical question. The Lowy Institute examines the issue.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Doug Ford, Labyrinth, SmartTrack, night planning, Toronto Islands

  • NOW Toronto notes how Doug Ford positions himself as an ally to the black community of Toronto, and how this has hardly been non-problematic, here>.
  • Annex comic store Labyrinth is set to close, alas. NOW Toronto reports.
  • The SmartTrack plan for more commuter rail put forth by the mayor could cost an extra quarter-billion dollars. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Edward Keenan makes the point that, like other cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin, Toronto needs to do a better job of planning for the night. The Toronto Star has it.
  • Toronto Guardian shares some lovely vintage photos of the Toronto Islands, here.

[ISL] Five islands links: Toronto Islands, Ireland, Sicily, Japan, Halligen Islands

  • blogTO notes that the Electric Island festival is slated to return to the Toronto Islands, after their wet 2017.
  • Politico.eu notes that the European Union is making the maintenance of integration on the island of Ireland a requirement for the UK if it wants a deal.
  • Jacobin Magazine shares a perfectly sensible article noting that the mafia of Sicily is intensely conservative, even reactionary, hardly deserving the romance with which it is too often represented.
  • The depopulation of Japan, often particularly intense in its smaller islands, is creating serious dilemmas. What is to be done with these remote, emptying-out, territories? The Japan Times reports.
  • The Halligen Islands of Germany’s Frisian coast, facing the North Sea and almost effaced every tide, sound like a charming place to visit. The Guardian reports.

[ISL] Five islands links: Toronto Islands, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, Louisiana, Jersey

  • The idea of making the Toronto Islands an officially designated bird sanctuary makes sense on a lot of levels. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The community of Saanich, on Vancouver Island, is expected to host the biggest marijuana farm in Canada come legalization, making many there unhappy. Global News reports.
  • Trump tariffs may doom a pulp and paper mills in the western Newfoundland city of Corner Brook. CBC reports.
  • Wired features this heartbreaking choices facing the inhabitants of the Louisiana town of Isle de Jean Charles as their island submerges beneath rising waters. What will they do? Where will they go? Can the community survive?
  • CityMetric tells the story about how people on the Channel Island of Jersey wanted to build a bridge to France, why this didn’t happen, and how this relates to Brexit.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: #winterstations, Toronto Islands, King Street, 401 Richmond, coffee

  • Muriel Draaisma talks at CBC about the art installations selected for this year’s iteration of Winter Stations, including a “Pussy Hut”.
  • The City of Toronto has, unaccountably, decided not to allocate all the money needed to repair the Toronto Islands after last year’s flooding. CBC reports.
  • Mayor John Tory talks about the various plans–some new, some I think old–to bring more people to King Street during the transit experiment, over at the Toronto Star.
  • This Toronto Star article about changes to taxation that will let downtown arts centres, like 401 Richmond, not get priced out of their homes is older but still quite important.
  • blogTO notes local upset in Corso Italia that the local Starbucks, at Dufferin and St. Clair (not far from me!) is set to close. (I’ve never been there, which I suppose helps clear up any mystery around the closing.)

[URBAN NOTE] Four transit notes: King Street, bike lanes, Toronto Islands ferries, Coach Terminal

  • Transit Toronto reports on how King, from Bathurst through to Jarvis, has been made a street where transit–streetcars, particularly–has priority.
  • CBC notes that, by the standards of other peers, Toronto lags behind in the implementation of bike lanes.
  • The venerable old ferries which link Toronto to the Toronto Islands are set to be retired. Farewell, noble boats. CBC reports.
  • I quite like the idea of seeking out plans to make the Toronto Coach Terminal new again. It might be overlooked these days, but it does have lovely bones. The Toronto Star reports.