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[NEWS] Four migration links: American tourism, Canadian farm workers, Indian sculptors, deportees

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  • Justin Bachman at Bloomberg notes how a tourism industry group in the United States is urging policy changes that might reverse a recent fall in incoming tourist numbers to that country.
  • Over at MacLean’s, Donald MacLean Wells and Janet McLaughlin look at the exploitation of migrant farm labourers in Canada.
  • CBC reports on allegations that skilled Tamil sculptors from India were exploited and cheated out of a wage by their Toronto employers, Sridurka Hindu Temple.
  • Inter Press Service reports on the plight of some deportees from the United States to Cambodia, people who came over as children but never acquired American citizenship and so were eligible for deportation if convicted of crimes.

[PHOTO] Three photos from arrival in Manhattan

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When the Lincoln Tunnel threaded onto West 36th Street just west of Ninth Avenue, I was ready.

Looking east on West 36th #newyorkcity #newyork #hellskitchen #skyline #towers #west36thstreet #west36th

The intersection of West 27th Street and Seventh Avenue, where the Megabus came to a stop, was likewise photo-worthy.

Looking down, West 27th and 7th Avenue #newyorkcity #newyork #west27thstreet #west27th #seventhavenue

When I finally disembarked just outside of the Fashion Institute of Technology, it was time to take a selfie. I made it.

Arrival selfie #newyorkcity #newyork #me #selfie #manhattan #seventhavenue #west27thstreet #west27th

Written by Randy McDonald

January 20, 2018 at 1:15 pm

[PHOTO] Eight photos from the New Baltimore Travel Plaza, New York

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Going to New York City and coming back, the Megabus stopped off at the New Baltimore Travel Plaza, one of the couple of dozen service areas maintained along the New York State Thruway system. This one, outside the Greene County town of New Baltimore not too far removed from the Hudson, south of Albany, particularly impressed. It was clean, had nice architecture (I have no outside photos, alas, as I was too concerned with eating to do that), and it introduced me to the Roy Rogers fast food chain. I ate something there on the way back, at some ungodly hour in the morning; I liked.

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (1) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #plaque #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (2) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (3) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #plush #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (4) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #royrogers #restaurant #fastfood #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (5) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #honey #sunflower #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (6) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #plush #sweatshirt #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (7) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #restaurant #fastfood #latergram

New Baltimore Travel Plaza (8) #newyork #newbaltimore #newbaltimoretravelplaza #architecture #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

January 19, 2018 at 11:20 am

[MUSIC] Ryan Adams, “New York, New York”

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The Ryan Adams classic song “New York, New York” is a perfect song to start off a soundtrack for a New York City trip.

Written by Randy McDonald

January 11, 2018 at 11:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: Sidewalk Labs, Bentway, density, real estate, photos, PsiPhon

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  • David Rider reports on the promise of the head of Google’s Sidewalk Labs to make Toronto the “first truly 21st century city”, and what that means, over at the Toronto Star.
  • Richard Longley at NOW Toronto praises the Bentway for its subtly transformative nature.
  • MacLean’s reports at length on the Fraser Institute report suggesting Toronto and Vancouver do have plenty of room in which to become more dense.
  • The extent to which foreign capital plays a role in real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver may well not be fully covered by current statistics, one argues at The Globe and Mail.
  • Toronto Life shares some Instagram photos from prominent Torontonians who have been off vacationing in warmer climes.
  • The Jewish Defense League is now becoming active in Toronto, apparently, and organizing against Muslims. Grand. NOW Toronto warns.
  • The app PsiPhon, designed in Toronto, is being used by Iranians seeking to avoid censorship at home. The Toronto Star reports.

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

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  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait shares a stunning photo of two galaxies colliding in the eternal night and considers the implications of the Milky Way’s future encounter with Andromeda.
  • Centauri Dreams looks at the latest discoveries regarding FRB 121102 and fast radio bursts generally.
  • Hornet Stories suggests that a recent ruling by the Inter American Court of Human Rights sets the stage for marriage equality across Latin America.
  • Inkfish notes that the biomass of dead squid mothers plays a major role in the environments and ecologies of seafloors.
  • JSTOR Daily suggests retirees can actually learn a lot from the lifestyles of members of the RV–recreational vehicle–community.
  • Language Hat reports on wordplay, and its translations, in the works of Homer.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes the turn to anti-intellectualism among American conservatives.
  • At Lingua Franca, William Germano talks about telling numbers.
  • The LRB Blog notes the story of the English village of Imber, intentionally depopulated by the British military during the Second World War and never allowed to be restored.
  • The NYR Daily talks about a London exhibition on the art of our era of terrorism and terror.
  • The Planetary Society Blog reports on the latest Juno discoveries from Jupiter.
  • Progressive Download’s John Farrell reports on a debate as to whether the origin of life is a more difficult question than the origin of consciousness.
  • Roads and Kingdoms reports on the simple pleasures of an iced coffee enjoyed in the Australian Outback.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel U>considers an interesting question: is ours the only advanced civilization in the universe?
  • Understanding Society’s Daniel Little tackles the concept of organizational cultures.
  • Window on Eurasia suggests that post-1991 immigrants from the former Soviet Union form a tenth of the Russian labour force.

[PHOTO] Guess who is going to New York City in January?

Guess who is going to New York City in January? #toronto #newyorkcity #travel #megabus #ticket #newyork #unitedstates

This will be fun.

Written by Randy McDonald

December 15, 2017 at 10:30 am