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[NEWS] Three links about smart animals: elephants as legal persons, cetacean footage, bonobo empathy

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  • Three elephants in Connecticut are the latest animals subject to a bid by activists to grant them status as “legal persons”. The Washington Post reports.
  • Gary Chabonneau has won a court battle versus the Vancouver Aquarium to secure rights to footage he took of their captive cetaceans. CBC reports.
  • Bonobos have been proven in a recent experiment to have the capacity to be empathetic towards strangers. National Geographic reports.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 18, 2017 at 8:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on change: Richard Florida, Sidewalk & Quayside, Hong Kong, Seattle, Iceland

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  • Noah Smith of Bloomberg interviews RIchard Florida on the downsides of the urban renaissance, considering the possibility of countries fragmenting into booming city-states and declining hinterlands, over at Bloomberg.
  • Christopher Hume considers how the Google Sidewalk dream for Toronto’s Quayside could fall apart, over at the Toronto Star.
  • VICE reports on how Hong Kong is making massive investments in land reclamation, in response to shortages of territory.
  • Global News reports that Chinese homebuying investors have turned from Vancouver towards Seattle, in search of lower prices.
  • Iceland is in the middle of massive housing price increases, though this is apparently growth driven by demand not by a bubble. Bloomberg reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on changing cities: Kingston, Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles

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  • The Princess Street corridor of Kingston is booming, but too much? I really must get out there to see. Global News reports.
  • That Calgary has seen the introduction of basement suites blocked is a problem for that city. MacLean’s examines.
  • Gary Mason dislikes the increasing unaffordability of Vancouver for young people, over at The Globe and Mail.
  • CBC shows how a new indie coffee shop in Los Angeles relates to gentrification in Hispanic and black neighbourhoods.

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on the Canadian struggle to land the second headquarters of Amazon

  • CBC’s Pete Evans notes that Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and Ottawa are all interested in landing Amazon’s HQ2.
  • David Rider in the Toronto Star notes that John Tory is pushing forward Toronto as home to Amazon’s HQ2, with its 50 thousand jobs.
  • Bloomberg View’s Conor Sen notes that Toronto is a strong candidate for Amazon’s HQ2, alongside cities like Atlanta and Boston.
  • Also in the Star, David Rider notes that ex-Amazon exec James Thomson is skeptical a crowded Toronto will land HQ2.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 11, 2017 at 9:00 pm

[NEWS] Five science and technology links: Chinese fields, Vancouver bananas, geothermal, space

  • Bloomberg notes that the Chinese habit of wrapping farmers’ fields in plastic has long-term negative consequences.
  • It’s difficult not to trace the ability of a man in Vancouver to raise bananas at home to climate change. CBC reports.
  • The Caribbean island of Dominica is set to start to turn to geothermal power for its energy needs. The Inter Press Service reports.
  • Universe Today notes the astrometric data provided by GAIA lets us track stars set for close encounters.
  • The possible discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole very near the Galactic Centre is big in a lot of ways.

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on cities, from Vancouverites in Port Moody to swimming in Lake Ontario

  • I really liked this Kerry Gold article in the Globe and Mail showing how the young, priced out of Vancouver, simply went on to remake Port Moody.
  • In the Toronto Star, Edward Keenan describes how the West End Phoenix, a new model of newspaper, is set to develop.
  • Also in the Star, Scott Wheeler describes how Torontonian John Vyga ended up helping take the Berlin Wall down in 1989.
  • Steve Munro takes a look at what the metrics for TTC station cleanliness actually mean. We’re doing better than we think.
  • Shawn Micallef wonders why so few Torontonians make a habit of swimming in Lake Ontario.

[MUSIC] Moev, “Yeah, Whatever”

“Yeah, Whatever” is the title track off of Vancouver-based Canadian electronica group Moev‘s 1988 album “Yeah, Whatever”. Produced by the second incarnation of this band, featuring one Dean Russell as vocalist and lyricist, this song deserved wider recognition. Russell’s vocals and the guitar-driven lyrics bring to mind a sort of Canadian fusion of Depeche Mode with the Smiths.

Most unfortunately, Moev and Dean Russell never got the chance to break through into the mainstream, Russell dying of HIV/AIDS in 1994 and the band subsequently splintering. What could have been–But at least we have this.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 13, 2017 at 11:59 pm