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[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • Architectuul looks, on the 1st of November, at the patterns of light in cemeteries around the world.
  • Bad Astronomy looks at the authentically blue comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS), here.
  • The Broadside Blog’s Caitlin Kelly shares some photos that she took looking around her world, here.
  • Centauri Dreams considers prospects for a Pluto orbiter.
  • Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber considers, in the spirit of A Modest Proposal, whether we should go on from those people who would block migration to rich countries on ecological grounds to start deporting people from rich countries to poorer ones.
  • The Crux looks at which Voyager instruments are still communicating with NASA.
  • D-Brief answers the question of why different bird eggs come in different colours. (Temperature is key.)
  • Bruce Dorminey looks to researchers suggesting that extrasolar Earths will also have lightning, maybe even detectable lightning.
  • Imageo shares a beautiful photo of moonrise at sunrise as seen from the ISS.
  • The Island Review interviews Paul Murton about his visits to different islands and island groups in Scotland.
  • JSTOR Daily looks at the Sailor Moon transformation sequence, and its role in toy marketing.
  • Language Hat looks at the origins of the Russian dance cachucha in Cuban Spanish.
  • Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns and Money considers whether contemporary capitalism is capable of supporting high-quality journalism.
  • Marginal Revolution shares a paper suggesting declining incentives for men to marry are linked to male withdrawal from the labour force.
  • Sean Marshall reports on a bus trip to Ottawa that took him to, among other places, Pembroke.
  • Peter Watts wonders, briefly, what all the fuss is with Meghan Murphy, when so many of her contentions are either wrong or simply irrelevant.
  • The NYR Daily looks at how Brexit has reopened the question of Northern Ireland.
  • The Signal looks at the sorts and volumes of graphics that get requested from its archives.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel looks at what we have learned from interstellar comets ‘Oumuamua and Borisov.
  • Window on Eurasia warns that Central Asia’s Lake Issyk-Kul, like the Aral Sea, might also dry up.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 1, 2019 at 11:59 pm

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