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[URBAN NOTE] Six city links: skyscrapers, Queens, Montréal, Vancouver, Gangneung, Amsterdam

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  • CNN reports on the rise of slender skyscrapers, in New York City and elsewhere.
  • VICE notes how badly the temporary shutdown of the L line has been hurting the Queens neighbourhood of Astoria.
  • National Observer wonders what Montréal can do to be friendlier to seniors. (Being open to consulting broader demographics is a good start.)
  • Global News notes concerns in Vancouver that excessive condo development could block the view of the mountains surrounding that metropolis.
  • CBC reports on the South Korean city of Gangneung, a place that has become the locus of that country’s coffee culture.
  • VICE reports on the effect that licenses allowing nightclubs to operate 24 hours a day has had on nightlife in Amsterdam.

[NEWS] Four First Nations links: Colten Boushie, Poundmaker, Ullivik, statues

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  • The fact that a jury–carefully selected to have no jurors of First Nations background–found the killer of Cree man Colten Boushie innocent is a horror. The Toronto Star reports.
  • MacLean’s takes a look at the reasons for Cree sensitivities regarding the inclusion of Chief Poundmaker as a character in the new iteration of Civilization.
  • The Inuit of the northern Québec region of Nunavik, when sent south to Montréal for medical treatment, have an enclave in the city, the building of Ullivik. The Toronto Star reports.
  • This opinion piece in The Globe and Mail makes an excellent case for the removal of the statue of General Cornwallis from Halifax. Societies evolve; statues, alas, cannot.

[URBAN NOTE] Five cities links: Bay View, San Francisco, Houston, Washington D.C., Montréal. Québec

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  • The Guardian reports on the Michigan town of Bay View, a community that literally forbids non-Christians from holding property locally.
  • Net migration from the San Francisco area seems to be accelerating, with unaffordability being commonly cited as explanation. CBS reports.
  • Will rapid wage increases in Houston be enough to protect the labour market of the city if much-needed undocumented workers are forced out in significant numbers? Bloomberg reports.
  • Data from smartphones is being used to simulate what might happen if Washington D.C. was subjected to a nuclear attack. VICE reports.
  • The tourist agencies of Montréal and Québec City are having a cute little online exchange. Global News reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Six cities links: New York City, Philadelphia, Ottawa, Montréal, Halifax, regionalism

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  • The Empire State Building is looking for tenants for fifty thousand square feet of retail space. Bloomberg reports.
  • This Jim Saksa article at Slate suggests a win by the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl could really help the mood of that newly up-and-coming metropolis.
  • The stability of the Ottawa economy, along with higher prices in Toronto and Vancouver, is helping that city’s real estate market thrive. The Globe and Mail reports.
  • The thriving tech sector in Montréal is drawing talent to that city internationally, at a time of record low unemployment rates, too. CTV reports.
  • The infamous statue of Edward Cornwallis, founder of Halifax and famous anti-Mi’kmaq racist, has been removed from its central location in a downtown park. CBC reports.
  • Henry Grabar suggests at Slate that the United States’ division into thriving metropoli and struggling smaller cities should not simply be accepted. People, and governments, can choose to make things better.

[URBAN NOTE] Five cities links: New York City, Cape Town, Calgary, Montréal, London

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  • Justin Fox at Bloomberg View questions whether the strong economic growth of New York City, continuing from its 1970s nadir, can continue given underinvestment in infrastructure like transit.
  • CBC reports on the appalling scale of the Cape Town water crisis, made possible by a combination of rapid growth with sustained drought and terrible political responses.
  • Global News suggests that the IOC likes the surviving Olympics infrastructure in Calgary, so much so that it thinks this places the city in good position for a bid for the 2026 games. (Don’t do it, Calgary!)
  • This brief article in the Montreal Gazette talks about Chinese investors and migrants moving into the traditionally Anglo-dominated West Island. This is new to me: What is going on there, I wonder?
  • The Guardian considers a report commissioned by London and its mayor Sadiq Khan considering the possible cataclysmic impact of Brexit on the economy of that city. Will it happen, and under what conditions?

[URBAN NOTE] Five cities links: Basel, Montréal, United Kingdom, black America, Duisburg

  • CityLab looks at the streetcar system of the Swiss city of Basel, which extends over national frontiers into France (Alsace) and Germany (Baden-Württemburg).
  • Global News suggests retail vacancies along rue Sainte-Catherine in Montréal reflects the impact of online shopping.
  • CityMetric suggests that the secondary cities of Britain, i.e. cities that aren’t the cosmopolis of London, are underperforming by the standards of their western European peers.
  • Fast Company examines how and why black entrepreneurship is taking off in the Southern cities of Memphis, Atlanta, and Alabama’s Montgomery.
  • Politico Europe notes that the German city of Duisburg, painfully transitioned from its industrial Ruhr past, has become a major node in China’s New Silk Road initiative.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Montréal, Washington D.C., Detroit, Bangalore, Nazareth

  • rue Sainte-Catherine Street in Montréal is set to have three years of heavy construction. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Painting the brutalist structures of the Washington D.C. metro, as described and depicted by CityLab, sounds absurdly unaesthetic to me.
  • The critical take of Vice on regressive taxation policies in Detroit that deprive people of homes is worth reading.
  • Scroll.in suggests that bad planning has done terrible things to the Indian metropolis of Bangalore.
  • Trump has had a decidedly negative effect on the Christians of the Palestinian city of Nazareth. Al-Monitor reports.