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[BLOG] Some Saturday links

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  • The Dragon’s Gaze links to the discovery paper for HD 133139Ab, the planet orbiting three stars.
  • The Dragon’s Tales reports on the model of a winged aerobot to explore Titan.
  • Language Log examines the Sinicization of non-Chinese names of ethnic minorities in China.
  • Marginal Revolution highlights speculation that American servicemen come from psychologically worse environments these days than in previous years.
  • Noel Maurer at The Power and the Money takes issue with the idea that a non-revolutionary British North America would have had a better constitution.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy considers the legalities of the Dallas robot bomb.

[NEWS] Some Thursday links

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  • Bloomberg notes the decline of Japan’s solar energy boom with falling subsidies, suggests 1970s-style stagflation will be back, looks at how an urban area in Japan is dealing with overcrowding, looks at Russia-NATO tensions, and examines how Ireland is welcoming British bankers.
  • Bloomberg View looks at the return of Russian tourists to Turkey, notes Russia is not suffering from a brain drain, looks at the Brexit vote as examining the power of the old, and argues the Chilcot report defends Blair from accusations of lying.
  • CBC reports on the end of Blackberry’s manufacturing of the Classic.
  • The Globe and Mail notes that, once, gay white men were on the outside.
  • The Independent describes claims that refugees in Libya who cannot pay their brokers risk being rendered into organs.
  • The Inter Press Service describes the horrors of Sudan and looks at how Russia will use Brexit to fight sanctions in the European Union.
  • MacLean’s reports on the opening up of the Arctic Ocean to fishing and looks at Winnipeg support for Pride in Steinbach.
  • The National Post reports on the plague of Pablo Escobar’s hippos in Colombia, looks at Vietnam’s protests of Chinese military maneuvers, and examines Turkey’s foreign policy catastrophes.
  • Open Democracy notes the desperate need for stability in Libya.
  • The Smithsonian reports on how video games are becoming the stuff of history.

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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  • Beyond the Beyond’s Bruce Sterling mourns the death of Alvin Toffler.
  • The Big Picture shares images of the Istanbul airport attack.
  • blogTO notes Toronto’s recent Trans March was the largest in world history.
  • The Broadside Blog’s Caitlin Kelly interviews memoirist Plum Johnson.
  • Centauri Dreams considers the determination of distances to dim stars and looks at the total energies likely to be used in interstellar travel and interplanetary colonization.
  • Crooked Timber notes the ordered recount in Austria’s presidential elections and advocates for anti-militarism.
  • D-Brief notes the exciting discoveries of Ceres, and observes that ancient tombs may have doubled as astronomical observatories.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze considers where warm Jupiters form, considers the stability of complex exoplanet systems, and notes a high-precision analysis of solar twin HIP 100963.
  • The Dragon’s Tales wonders if the shape of Martian sand dunes indicate a denser Martian atmosphere a bit more than four billion years ago.
  • The Everyday Sociology Blog considers evictions and poverty in the United States.
  • Inkfish notes that different honeybees seem to have different personalities.
  • Language Hat notes the import of Maltese in Mediterranean history.
  • Language Log talks about Sino-Japanese.
  • Lovesick Cyborg shares the doubts of polled Americans with the viability of virtual lovers.
  • The LRB Blog shares an article supporting Corbyn.
  • The Map Room Blog notes that San Francisco was literally built on buried ships.
  • Marginal Revolution notes the collapse of Greek savings and looks at Euroskepticism’s history in the United Kingdom.
  • Steve Munro updates readers on Union-Pearson Express ridership.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer thinks the Netherlands Antilles offer useful models to the United Kingdom, and is confused by a claim that that bias against Mexican immigrants does not exist when the data seems to suggest it does.
  • Torontoist goes into the life of conservative Protestant newspaper publishing Black Jack Robinson.
  • Transit Toronto notes that in a decade, GO Trains will connect Hamilton to Niagara Falls.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy argues against using the Brexit vote to argue against referenda.
  • Window on Eurasia notes the Russian deployment of military forces to the Belarus border, looks at Tatarstan’s concern for its autonomy, observes the changing demographics of Ukraine, and notes the Russian debate over what sort of European Union collapse they would like.
  • Arnold Zwicky remembers his father through ephemera.

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

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  • Bloomberg reports on the problems of France’s Burgundy wine region, looks at the impact of Brexit on the economy of South Africa, and thinks Airbnb will survive San Francisco.
  • Bloomberg View considers what the European Union will do next, looks at the EU’s failure to capture hearts and minds, and notes that young Britons are now trapped.
  • The Globe and Mail reports on the problems of Sobeys.
  • The Inter Press Service reports on Cuban agriculture.
  • MacLean’s examines the reasons for Québec separatists’ disinterest in Brexit.
  • National Geographic notes the suspension of Florida’s bear hunts.
  • The National Post suggests Canada could take up the slack in NATO left by the United Kingdom.
  • Open Democracy considers tabloid-driven nationalism in the former Soviet Union and features Owen Jones talking about the need for post-Brexit Britain (or England) to change.

[BLOG] Some Friday links

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  • Centauri Dreams considers the oceans of Pluto and Enceladus.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze notes a disintegrating exoplanet.
  • The Dragon’s Tales notes that the American military can’t afford Iron Man suits.
  • Language Hat notes a study of fragmented language.
  • Language Log looks at multilingual signage in Manhattan.
  • The Map Room Blog shares a typographic map of San Francisco.
  • Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen reports from the Belgian neighbourhood of Molenbeek.
  • Steve Munro looks at SmartTrack.
  • The New APPS Blog considers Brexit in the context of regulations and austerity.
  • Torontoist notes the importance of Pride for people just coming out.
  • Understanding Society looks at how organizations deal with their errors.
  • Window on Eurasia argues Georgia is sacrificing its relations with the North Caucasus.

[NEWS] Some Thursday links

  • Bloomberg notes concern in Northern Ireland’s border towns over Brexit, reports that Morgan may shift its offices from London to Dublin or Frankfurt, and looks at the hostile reaction Donald Trump is likely to receive in Scotland.
  • Bloomberg View looks at the vexed issues of American funding for Israel’s defense industry.
  • The CBC notes the discovery of a transmissible cancer affecting shellfish.
  • MacLean’s takes a sanguine view of millennials in Canada who stay with their parents.
  • The National Post interviews a Muslim woman attacked in London, Ontario, and notes odd institutional issues raised against the Pride parade in Steinbach.
  • The New Republic looks at the impact the collapse of Barnes & Noble would have on American publishing and literature.
  • Open Democracy fears the effect of Brexit on central and eastern Europe.
  • Transitions Online notes the lack of reciprocation for Bulgarian Russophilia.
  • Wired notes that the Brexit referendum is a major inflection point in the European Union’s history.

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

  • Bloomberg notes Japan’s neglected geothermal potential, looks at one Nobel laureate’s concern over Brexit’s fallout, examines Thailand’s economic success, and looks at how labuor shortages are hindering Swedish economic growth.
  • Bloomberg View looks at the role of Brazil’s supreme court in fighting top-level corruption, and suggests the only thing worse than Britain remaining would be Britain staying.
  • CBC looks at homophobia in rural Manitoba.
  • The Inter Press Service notes the barriers rising around the world.
  • MacLean’s looks at the state of world refugees.
  • National Geographic notes the repopulation of rural England with giant spiders.
  • The National Post notes the search for a murdered Mohawk woman’s killer.
  • The New York Times reports on the spectre of Venezuelan influence in Spain.
  • Open Democracy notes Georgia’s stalled progress and looks at British security policy in the context of Brexit.

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